England followers fume as Rishi Sunak’s common election is in center of Euro 2024

Football fans have been left absolutely fuming with Rishi Sunak for dropping his general election bombshell in the middle of Euro 2024.

The Number 10 gaffer has called for the nation to cast their votes on Thursday July 4, just as England fans hope to see the Three Lions or Scotland fans to see their team in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals.

With both home nations hoping for glory, supporters have taken to social media blast the decision as some fans may be in German.

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Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak has been branded a ‘rugby fan’ over election date

Social media is full of reactions as one user said: “Sunak calling the general election when people are gonna be in Germany for the Euros or on their holidays is MAD tactics.”

Another user said: “Sunak calling an election when the Euros are on and everyone’s in the beer garden.

A third chimed in with a dig: “Typical, Sunak doing a 4th July #GeneralElection as everyone will be distracted with the euros..”

England team at World Cup
England and Scotland will be hoping to be in the quarter finals

Some punters joked that Sunak maybe looking to watch the rest of the Euros in peace and workfree.

The user said: “I see you Sunak… making sure you can watch from quarter finals of Euros with no work to go to, clever.”

One X user posted: “General election on 4th July – hoping for some tailwind from early successes in Euros pool play, without gambling on quarter-final success? Desperate, but then it’s entirely reasonable for them to be desperate.”

England fans
Thousands of England and Scotland fans are expected to be out in Germany for Euro 2024 (file)

Some even questioned Southampton FC fan Sunak on if he really likes football at all, branding the PM’s move as “rugby fan behaviour”.

The last time a general election was held in July was way back in 1945. That didn’t end well for the Tories, with Winston Churchill emphatically kicked out by voters, reports the Mirror

The July 5, 1945, poll saw Clement Attlee, who served in the emergency war cabinet, become Prime Minister. His party secured a landslide, securing 239 seats and 47.7% of the popular vote.

Mr Attlee used the 145 majority to make sweeping changes, including the foundation of the NHS in 1948.