England to finish 58 years of harm because of ‘finger physio’ in seek for glory

England could end 58 years of hurt – thanks to a “finger physio”.

The medic specialises in treating players’ dodgy digits and could prove crucial in helping the Three Lions lift this year’s World Cup – in Subbuteo.

The table football game’s biggest tournament is returning to Tunbridge Wells in Kent, where it was invented in 1946, giving England’s stars hope that home advantage will boost their bid for glory.

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Cereal giants Weetabix have given the Three Lions an extra boost by stepping in to sponsor them.

Subbuteo is still just as popular and could end England’s hurt

An England team spokesperson said: “Weetabix is providing new jerseys and a ‘finger physio’ and coach to ensure all players’ digits are in prime flicking condition.”

Italy ended England’s chances of glory in 2022 by knocking them out of the World Cup in Rome. But bosses reckon the tables could be about to turn.

Ruby Matthews
Subbuteo star Ruby Matthews is current England’s U16 captain

Subbuteo star Ruby Matthews, 15, England’s U16 captain said: “The Subbuteo Word Cup is going to be tough this year. Italy is going to be very hard to beat.”

A Weetabix spokesperson said the company had sponsored the team through its Advantage programme.