Best tenting chairs 2024, tried and examined by an skilled adventurer

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What is the best camping chair? You’ll never know how important that question is until you’ve spent all day exploring, or travelling hard to your chosen campsite, only to find that the chair you’ve brought is uncomfortable, hard to assemble or, worse still, you don’t have one at all. 

I’ve pitched hundreds of tents in every corner of the globe. Each time, once the last peg is banged in, whether I’m family camping, chilling with friends at a festival or alone in the wild, all I want to do is take the weight off my feet and collapse onto something comfortable with good back support (beer optional). 

To save you from some of the more uncomfortable camping trips I’ve been through, I’ve done the work for you by trying and testing the most popular camping chairs on the market. From big padded moon chairs to low to the ground beach chairs, I’ve tried them all. My in-depth reviews are below, followed by a brief FAQ on how to choose the right one for you. But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick look at my top five:

Which are the best camping chairs in 2024? At a glance

What material are camping chairs made of?

The first portable folding stool is believed to have been made over 4,500 years ago in Mesopotamia, but JB Fenby’s 1881 folding chair in wood and canvas set the standard and still inspires many of the camping chairs made today, including the Snow Peak bamboo chair below. The arrival of lightweight aluminium post-WW2 expanded the possibilities and nowadays there’s a huge range of specially-designed outdoor seats to choose from, usually made from weatherproof synthetic fabrics and meshes.

How I tested the best camping chairs

How I tested the best camping chairs 2024

Phoebe tests comfy Vango, backpack-friendly Helinox and child-sized Kampa

From years spent wild camping on mountainsides using my rucksack as a backrest, I know the value of the right camping chair. Whether folded, inflated, hanging or compact, if it’s been made for outdoor use the chances are that over the last 14 years I’ve sat in it. (I’ve also spent time reviewing the best tents, best sleeping bags and best camping stoves.)

For this review I tested the latest offerings from the manufacturers I’ve come to trust. Specifically, I was testing how much weight a chair could hold, how light and portable each was, their seat height and most importantly of all, comfort. These are the best of the bunch.

Best camping chairs


1. Vango Titan 2 Oversized Chair

£100, Vango

Best overall, 10/10

We like: comfy padding, no draughts, tough material

We don’t like: it’s heavy

Vango Titan 2 best camping chairs 2024

Vango: keeps you warm and well off the ground

  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Seat height: 47cm
  • Maximum Load: 180kg (28.3 stone)

When the sun sets on a campsite there’s nothing better than sinking down into your chair and enjoying a sundowner but, usually, when that happens the temperature drops and even a light breeze can permeate through the fabric of a standard folding seat. Not so with the Titan 2, a luxuriously quilted and padded number that wraps around your entire body – a style sometimes known as a moon chair – and keeps you well off the ground, meaning that you stay warmer and comfortable even when night falls.

It’s made from a sturdy steel frame (it can take a weight of 28 stone!) that’s easy to unfold – I could even do this with one hand – and when you’re done, it easily pushes down and back into its carry bag. The fabric is Vango’s own trademarked offering that feels soft to touch but is durable and hardwearing – even if you spill your drink on it and need to vigorously clean it (trust me, I speak from experience). 

You do of course pay for this unrivalled comfort, and not just with money. At 6.3kg, it’s considerably heavier than most standard two-person tents. Fitting it into the boot of a smaller car will see it take up a lot of space, too. But if you’re car camping for several days, it’s definitely worth the bulk. 

In the same range: 

I also loved the Vango Embrace chair (£64.95), which features a similar wrap around style but comes up slightly cheaper.

Price at

2. Hi-Gear Vegas XL

£39, Millets

Best value camping chair, 9/10

We like:  padding, draught-free, low price

We don’t like: weight

Hi-Gear Vegas XL best camping chair 2024

Hi-Gear: with a side pocket for drinks

  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Seat height: 46cm
  • Maximum Load: 120kg (18.8 stone)

With a steel frame, robust fabric and a bucket seat design, the Vegas XL offers a similar model as Vango’s Titan, but at a much lower price point. This means that you can still enjoy all the cosiness of a large frame allowing you to curl your feet up under a blanket well into the night when the sun sets.

A lower price does of course mean compromises. Though it is padded, it doesn’t feel as comfy as the Vango model, it’s slightly less easy to open, set up and fold down and squeeze back into its bag, and the maximum load it can safely take is 10 stone less than its more expensive rival.  

But the payoff comes not only with the budget price tag, but also the addition of a cup holder, which is most welcome – though I found it was only really suitable for bottles as it is free-hanging so spills can and do happen!

The packed size is, like others that offer greater comfort, large, but if camping from your vehicle then it’s a good, well-priced option for a bucket seat.

Price at

3. Hi-Gear Kentucky Classic Chair

£54, Go Outdoors

Best camping chair for the garden, 9/10

We like: excellent lumbar support means your back is supported when sitting for extended periods

We don’t like: the neck rest could be more padded

Hi-Gear Kentucky Classic Chair best camping chairs 2024

Hi-Gear: a quilted classic with an insulated cup holder

  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Maximum load: 110kg (17.3 stone)

Recommended by Rebecca Astill

This is my camping chair of choice for days spent watching my boyfriend play cricket. It’s strong, stable, padded and comfortable enough to sit in all day. Plus, the insulated cup holder keeps a glass of rosé lovely and cool. (Making it an excellent choice as an occasional garden chair, too.)

It comes with a carry bag which the chair easily collapses back into and its long handle means it can be slung onto my back while barely noticing the weight. The polyester fabric is nicely padded. It’s even breathable in 30 degree heat, which is impressive.

The only thing I’d change is to make the headrest slightly more upright; it slopes back, which means you have to sit up to chat to anyone or, in my case, watch cricket. I’ve seen other camping chairs which have a zip in the headrest to store the bag, which then creates a cushion. I do think this would make an excellent addition, but other than that it’s a practical, comfortable chair.

Price at
Go Outdoors

4. Isabella Thor Chair 

£120, Isabella

Best luxury chair, 9/10

We like:  adjustable back, ability to pimp it out with accessories for max comfort

We don’t like: folded size is very long

Isabella Thor Chair best camping chair 2024

Isabella: padded luxury – but requires space

  • Weight: 5.51kg
  • Seat height: 48cm
  • Maximum Load: 120kg (18.8 stone)

Founded in Denmark in 1957 by a design savvy man called Søren Odgaard who needed a tent, decided that none on the market would do, and made his own in his basement, Isabella is a company with a reputation for camping accessories that focus on comfort and quality above all else. 

The Thor Chair embodies this – it’s made from a lightweight aluminium frame whose total grams belies it’s fairly hefty frame; it comes with a padded head rest as standard; is made from a ventilated but hardwearing material; and it is reclinable – they claim eight positions, though I felt it was a bit of an over-sell seeing as it only seems to relate to the number of notches on the arms. Either way, it is certainly comfortable to sit in, plus it comes with a number of extra add-ons (for an additional price) that means you can pimp it out for even greater luxury – from a foldable foot rest, a detachable side pocket and, even, a made to measure towel. 

The only real drawback is the size. As a foldable chair (which is very easy to collapse) it still has a total length of 120cm and width of 61cm, meaning I couldn’t fit it in the boot of my small car. If you have a large vehicle though, or – even better – a campervan, this won’t be an issue.

Price at

5. Regatta Director’s Chair with Side Table

£42.49, Amazon

Best picnic chair, 9/10

We like: the foldaway table, perfect for food and drink 

We don’t like: the table does add a bit of bulk when folding away

Regatta Sedile director's chair best camping chairs 2024

Regatta: note cupholder

  • Weight: 4.64kg
  • Seat height: 46cm
  • Maximum Load: 100kg (15.7 stone)

For those of us who firmly believe that food eaten outdoors tastes better, then a chair with an added foldaway table can turn a good picnic into a great one. Styled like a Hollywood director’s pew, Regatta’s offering is easy to set up with a quick pull on its arms. The polyester fabric is comfortable yet durable, and the table will easily take a drink (in a dedicated cup holder) and a small plate or snack. With a seat height of 46cm you are kept well off the floor and folding it away is very straight forward. 

It is a flatpack affair – though despite the table, it is slightly smaller – meaning great for storing in a caravan or shed, but a little tricker in a small car boot. It is mid-range weight-wise and takes up to 15 stone, but considering that you’re essentially taking a table and chair with you, it’s a comparatively small price to pay. 

Price at

6. Sitpack Campster 2


Best lightweight chair for taller campers, 8/10

We like: small folded size, the seat warmer accessory, price

We don’t like: heavier than other superlight options

Sitpack Campster 2 best camping chair 2024

Sitpack: a Danish design

  • Weight:1.46 kg
  • Seat height: 30.4 cm
  • Maximum Load: 136kg (21.4 stone)

Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2023 (allegedly over 14,000 backers), this new version of the formerly tripod style lightweight foldaway backpacking chair (simply called the Campster) has been born – now featuring an infinitely more stable four leg design.

On first glance it is very much like Helinox’s Chair Zero, both in number of legs and packed size – this one also folds down to 35cm, similar in size to a 1.5l waterbottle. It is also easy to put up (they claim five seconds fold out time, which I found impossible, but it was straightforward). So you might be wondering how they managed to do it at a not insignificantly £35 cheaper price point. 

Firstly it should be pointed out that it’s heavier – by a whole kilogram, which if you’re camping with the car won’t be a dealbreaker, but for backpackers looking to shave off as much weight as possible, this might just (pardon the pun) tip the scales in favour of its Helinox rival. 

If you’re after comfort over grams, and/or a taller or heavier camper, however, then the Campster II is for you. Not only does it have a higher seat height (so easier to get in and out of) and can take an additional three stone, but also comes with some fairly luxe add-ons (additional price – and weight of course) including a snuggly fleece seat warmer – I’d skip the free-hanging bottle holder. 

It has two side pockets which I felt a tad unnecessary given that using just one effects the stability. But, overall, a decent compact option for those wanting comfort and portability.

Price at

7. Helinox Chair Zero

£134.99, Ultralight Camping Gear

Best lightweight camping chair, 8/10

We like: feather weight, tiny pack size

We don’t like: it’s expensive for such a small chair, and low to the ground

Helinox Chair Zero best camping chairs 2024

Helinox: weighs less than an iPad

  • Weight: 0.51kg
  • Seat height: 23cm
  • Maximum Load: 120kg (18.8 stone)

It’s easy to baulk at the price tag of this one – especially when you see the packed size of the item you’re purchasing (it folds down to smaller than a thermos flask), but as is often the case with outdoor gear, what you are paying for is the lack of bulk. 

For me as an ardent wild camper, the idea of taking a camping chair when I head to remote places used to be laughable. Their weight made them a comfort I’d just have to do without. But then the Helinox came along in 2012, at the time weighing in at just under 1kg. Since then I have been tempted on several occasions to throw one in my backpack to avoid evenings hunched over in my tent. 

Hitting the scales at half a kilogram (that’s less than an iPad), their latest lightweight version is still sturdy and strong – it can hold a whopping 18 stone (that’s more than some full-size chairs here) – and is insanely easy to put up. The strong aluminium alloy poles, a higher grade than used in aircraft, simply slip into the fabric pockets and it’s ready to sit in. Admittedly the one sacrifice is the low seat height, which on snowy or uneven ground could be cold or less comfortable. People with weaker legs who struggle to rise should opt for something higher. 

But, with such a low weight, this will always be a great option for backpacking, camping and even on long walks.

Price at
Ultralight Outdoor Gear

8. Coleman Forester Series Bucket Chair

£49.99, H20 Sports 

Most comfortable camping chair, 8/10

We like: the bucket design is perfect for afternoon napping

We don’t like: the slouched design means your back isn’t so well supported

Coleman Forester Series Bucket Chair best camping chairs 2024

Coleman: bucket-backed chair without arms for sinking into

  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Maximum load: 113kg (7.8 stone)

Recommended by Rebecca Astill

Armless bucket chairs that you can sink into seem to be rising in popularity, like the Vango in our number one spot and this Coleman Forrester bucket chair. Unlike the Vango, this one isn’t padded – but rest assured it’s still extremely comfortable.

I thought I’d miss having armrests to relax my arms, but I barely noticed they weren’t there and it made the chair lighter. The one downside is that the drinks holder has to be strapped onto the bottom, as you can see in the photo. It holds a water bottle, but up-ends any glass with a stem, predictably.

I’m not sure I could sit in it all day, because of the lack of back support with the bucket design, but the fabric is pulled tight enough to give a reasonable amount of rigour. The back also comes up high, meaning you can comfortably rest your head while chatting. Be warned it sits quite low, which is noticeable if you’re in a group of mismatched camping chairs. Other than that, I love the simplicity and relaxed style of this chair.

Price at
H20 Sports

9. Outwell Cardiel Black

£30.55, Amazon

Best compact camping chair, 8/10

We like: budget price and light weight

We don’t like: no legs and little padding means it’s not super comfortable

Outwell Cardiel best camping chairs 2024

Outwell: ridiculously light, for obvious reasons

  • Weight: 0.80kg
  • Seat height: 4cm
  • Maximum Load: 100kg (15.7 stone)

For something equally as low bulk and weight as the Helinox, at a fraction of the price, there is Outwell’s Cardiel Black. Essentially two sit mats lashed together with adjustable straps to create a seat with a backrest, it folds down easily to fit into most backpacks or chuck into your car ‘just in case’. 

The obvious sticking point for some will be the lack of height off the ground – this doesn’t only look like a sit mat, it basically is a fancy version of one. However,  this can work well for a number of scenarios, in particular on the beach when other chairs would sink into the sand, or to simply make standard campsite benches more comfortable and supportive. The fabric is tough and durable and easy to clean and folding it out is simple and fast. There’s even a small pocket perfect for stashing keys or a phone. 

Price at

10. Regatta Kruza Camping Chair

Currently £29.95, Decathlon

Best camping chair for winter, 8/10

We like: the high back for neck support

We don’t like: it sits higher than most camping chairs

Regatta Kruza Camping Chair best camping chairs 2024

Regatta: a padded, lightweight camping chair with a sturdy steel frame

  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • Seat height: 59cm
  • Maximum load: 100kg (15.7 stone)

Recommended by Rebecca Astill

Like the Hi Gear Kentucky chair above, this Regatta is a classic camping chair which collapses into the included carry bag. The main difference is this one is designed to keep you warm, so it’s better for campers or evenings on the beach than sunny days.

The soft polyester fabric is well padded and the barely there neck rest offers a surprising amount of support. It has an insulated drinks holder, though this one might be better suited to holding a warming mug of hot chocolate than a refreshing glass of rosé.

This Regatta chair costs £90 at full price, which I’m a little sceptical about, but it can usually be found for at least half price. If you’re looking for a warmer camping chair, this is a safe option.  

Price at

11. Vango Radiate Grande DLX

£155, John Lewis

Best heated camping chair, 8/10

We like: the rechargable heating pad for your back

We don’t like: it’s pretty expensive

Vango Radiate Grande DLX best camping chairs 2024

Vango: for toasty nights under the stars

  • Weight 7.4kg
  • Seat height 45cm
  • Maximum load 180kg (28.3 stone)

If the idea of sitting outside leaves you a little cold, then Vango’s heated range offers a solution. There’s a near-invisible heating element built into the lower panel of the backrest, which runs off a power bank (not supplied) that can fit, snugly, in the inbuilt pocket under the seat.

It has four temperature settings controlled by a large button – one click for red (hottest), down to blue (coolest). Despite my scepticism on how much heat I could get from a single panel, once paired with a blanket over my legs, it did indeed keep me toasty well after the sunset.

The seat can be adjusted from upright to near lie flat – with 7 options available – meaning you can completely chill, without actually getting chilled. The fabric is robust and durable, yet comfy to touch, and is padded and designed to radiate heat, meaning once the pad warms up (which literally takes seconds), you feel the benefit almost immediately.

It comes with a moveable headrest for added comfort and there’s a tall option available too. When not in use it packs down flat, so easy to store at home, though it is still quite large (111cm x 9cm x 75cm) and less portable than others, especially if you have a small car. The main drawback is the high price tag, though for glampers who love a little luxury (and warmth) or those with back issues, it’ll be worth it.

Price at
John Lewis

12. Kampa Mini Tub

£19.99, Camperlands

Best children’s camping chair, 8/10

We like: kid-friendly design, high weight limit and no open sides

We don’t like: it’s not the most compact

Kampa Mini Tub best camping chairs 2024

Kampa: safe and comfy, if a little bit bulky

  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Seat height: 28cm
  • Maximum Load: 60kg (9.4 stone)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after having my son, now nearly two, it’s that the camping chair he most wants to sit in is whichever one I am currently occupying. That all changed when I got this specially made-for-kids option. 

Featuring a range of designs – unicorns, cars and woodland creatures – he was immediately taken with the owl on the latter while I, meanwhile, was enamoured with the fact that unlike most kids’ options there were no open sides he could inadvertently slip through or try and climb between. It’s also well-padded for comfort, easy to fold away and with a seat height of 28cm, he can easily get in and out of it himself.

It is, unsurprisingly given the padding, a little bulky but it takes an impressive weight load, meaning it should last him a while. At a push, it can even just about take my weight when he undoubtedly steals my seat again…

Price at

13. Snow Peak Take Bamboo 

£240, Snow Peak 

Best folding camping chair for festivals, 8/10

We like: lifetime guarantee, bamboo and canvas design

We don’t like: it’s heavy and not cheap

Snow Peak Take Bamboo best camping chairs 2024

Snow Peak: comfy and impeccably sustainable

  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Seat height: 36cm
  • Maximum Load: 100kg (15.7 stone)

Rocking up at a festival with your camping gear is not just about comfort and practicality, but about what your kit says about you too. With this bamboo and canvas designed foldaway number – which not only takes a reasonable weight, packs down easily to fit in your car/campervan and features a long back and decent seat height for maximum comfort – it shows that you care as much about sustainability as you do about style.

As well as the wood being responsibly sourced, the chair is guaranteed to last a lifetime with Snow Peak pledging to repair it no matter how old it is. It may not be the lightest offering here but those eco-creds do take a weight off your mind and, thanks to the removable and washable canvas seat, you can enjoy the festival knowing that any food or drink mishaps are easily dealt with.

Price at
Snow Peak

Camping chair FAQ

What is the comfiest camping chair?

There are a lot of padded options, including the Vango Titan which I have made my number one pick. Some also have extras, such as reclining functions or built-in tables. But these are bulky and best suited to people heading to their campsites by car.

I believe the most important thing when choosing a camping chair is to check out the seat height: some are very low and not easy for everyone to get in and out of. Child-sized camping seats are available, too.

For wild camping aficionados like me, or those who want to take minimal gear with them, look instead for small pack size, low weight and fabric durability. 

Finally, no matter if you’re going wild or mild, always check the chair’s maximum load weight. You want to be sure that every member of your party can be safe and comfortable. 

Phoebe Smith is an adventurer, author of Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventures in Britain’s Rugged Corners and host of the Wander Woman Travel Podcast

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