Bride-to-be warned ‘rethink your marriage’ as she makes confession about exes

A bride-to-be is having second thoughts about her upcoming nuptials, despite being engaged to the “man of her dreams”. She’s been hit with a case of cold feet and can’t help but reminisce about her exes.

In the days leading up to her wedding, she’s found herself questioning whether she’s making the right decision. She’s even wondered if she might be missing out on something better by tying the knot.

The woman, who met her fiance on a dating app, took to Reddit to share her concerns. Despite describing her soon-to-be husband as a “sweetheart”, she can’t stop comparing him to her two previous boyfriends.

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She’s worried that she might be “settling” for someone who isn’t quite right for her.

In her post on Reddit, she wrote: “I can’t help but compare him to my past relationships. We’re not quite as similar as my last boyfriend and he’s not interested in the same things as my first. He’s good to me, and we’re happy. But I miss the things I had before.

“Well, we dated for a year and I felt those things didn’t matter. We argued, but we worked it out. He’s good to me, he’s silly. I like his family, he likes mine. Our dreams align enough. We decide to get married and he proposes.”

While things were peachy at first, a woman is having a major wobble now that she’s engaged and the wedding bells are set to ring. She’s fretting over potentially “missing something” by tying the knot so soon but is also in two minds about waiting for Mr “perfect”.

“Suddenly everything comes back that I was worried about. I’m terrified,” she spilled, “We don’t have the intellectual conversations I had with my first boyfriend that meant everything, we don’t have as much fun as my second boyfriend. But am I self-sabotaging?

“Am I continually self-deluding that there is this perfect man out there who is going to have absolutely everything I want? Or is it just that this boy isn’t a perfect fit?

“I already broke up with two really great guys because they weren’t 100 hundred per cent perfect. Am I going to do that again, to someone who means so much to me? Just because things aren’t perfect? Or am I justified? Is it just cold feet? Do happy couples that last even get cold feet?”

Commenters on her post urged her to seriously ponder over her impending nuptials, with a chorus of voices suggesting she’s more smitten with the concept of marriage than her actual beau.

One individual commented: “You’re freaking out because your body is warning you. It sounds to me that you are attached to the idea of getting married soon. Imo you won’t be ready to decide to marry if you aren’t willing to be on your own. Sounds like you need time to build some independence. This will not close your window for love, it will open it much wider.”

Another chimed in: “Take your time. Marriage is forever. It’s not a marathon competition. When you have time you will get married and it will be forever. Don’t rush.”

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