Derek Chisora ‘hearsay’ plunges Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk rematch into doubt

Derek Chisora has thrown a spanner in the works for Tyson Fury‘s rematch with Oleksandr Usyk – hinting the latter could be returning to cruiserweight.

The Gypsy King is gearing up for another bout with the Ukrainian after his split-decision defeat in Saudi Arabia last weekend. They’ve got a rematch on the cards for October thanks to a clause in their first fight contract.

But it’ll be game over for the second bout should Usyk ditch his heavyweight titles to revisit his cruiserweight glory days, as Chisora reckons might happen, reports the Express.

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“There’s no point bothering with a rematch because the undisputed is done,” Chisora said via Boxing Social, referring to Usyk potentially being stripped of his IBF title as he’s unable to defend it.

He then continued: “I heard a rumour, I’m gonna start this rumour anyway. Oleksandr is dropping down to cruiserweight. That’s the rumour right now.”

Before squaring off with Fury, Usyk himself suggested it’s a possibility. He told TNT Sports: “This is an incredible feeling, having the opportunity to be here now and do what God allows me to do.

Derek Chisora speaking
Derek Chisora says he’s heard Usyk could be returning to cruiserweight

“All the historic champions; all these boxers have done a lot for boxing. Rocky Marciano was never defeated, he died undefeated. Maybe I will go back to cruiserweight and win.”

Despite that, Fury’s promoter Frank Warren has been adamant about the rematch happening, claiming: “I think it will be better than the original fight.

“They both know each other, they’ve shared the ring and they’ll be looking to use what they’ve gained from the fight as an advantage to beat their opponent.”

Fury has made his intentions crystal clear to Warren, who added: “He’s only asking for the rematch because he thinks he can win. He believes in himself and it would cement his legacy.

“Everyone out there thinks Usyk is the best out there so let’s see what Tyson does. He rang me and he said he wants the rematch so here we are.”