Gangland enforcer hacked victims with machetes throughout ‘weeks of mayhem’ for mob

A hardened underworld enforcer involved with a brutal crime mob has been handed a 16-year prison sentence for “seven weeks of mayhem”.

Ross Al-Gailani became infamous for delivering shocking levels of violence, including an attempted murder on an ex-gang member, which resulted in leg amputation for the victim.

Another unfortunate individual was stripped and held hostage whilst being subjected to grotesque torture; he was beaten with a baseball bat and assaulted with a machete.

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Even Al-Gailani’s own defence lawyer referred to the horrific series of incidents as “seven weeks of mayhem”.

Samantha Cook was severely injured in the attack
Samantha Cook was severely injured in the attack

Today (May 23), at Glasgow’s High Court, the 36-year-old brute received his sentence after admitting to the vicious attacks, reports the Daily Record.

The heinous acts were deemed “sadistic” by the presiding judge.

James Sheridan, a former member of the crime group who ended up jailed due to possession of cannabis and £104,000 of illicit cash, was the first to fall afoul of Al-Gailani.

During Sheridan’s prison term, he expressed intentions of severing ties with the gang and was set upon in response.

Upon early release from HMP Low Moss on May 16, 2023, unsuspecting Sheridan was followed to a location in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, where Al-Gailani and his henchmen forcefully broke into the property.

They found their intended target, Sheridan, in a bedroom along with Samantha Cook and they attacked with “machetes and swords.”

Sheridan was left with catastrophic injuries to his head, arms, and legs, which were so severe that doctors initially doubted he would pull through.

Due to the extent of the damage, surgeons had no choice but to amputate Sheridan’s right leg above the knee. The brutal attack also cost him two fingers.

Miss Cook also underwent major surgery following the incident.

The man had his right leg amputated and a number of his fingers sewn back on
The man had his right leg amputated and a number of his fingers sewn back on

She too suffered the loss of two fingers on her right hand, and despite efforts to save them, they ultimately had to be amputated.

A shocking video surfaced shortly after the attack showing Sheridan, heavily bandaged in his hospital bed.

In the footage, which went viral on social media, Sheridan defiantly mocks his assailants, saying: “Take the fingers, take the leg, but you will not take my life, you f***ing bunch of dafties.”

Meanwhile, Al-Gailani had set his sights on Scott McCran, who was in debt to the criminal underworld for £19,000.

Al-Gailani subjected the stripped and bound man to a barrage of blows with a baseball bat as he was held captive.

Chilling footage of the brutal attacks was recorded and played during the trial.

Al-Gailani then contacted McCran’s relatives, demanding they settle his debt before he was finally freed.

But just a week later, Al-Gailani summoned McCran again, taking him back to Wishaw where he was ordered to strip and then shot approximately 20 times with a pistol, as well as being beaten with a baseball bat and punched.

McCran managed to escape only after agreeing to a scheme to earn money for the gang.

Al-Gailani pleaded guilty to attempting to murder Sheridan and assaulting Miss Cook to her severe injury, permanent disfigurement and impairment.

He also admitted to two charges of the latter crime in connection with McCran which included extorting the £19,000.

Al-Gailani further pleaded guilty to assaulting a final victim to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Al-Gailani will be supervised for a further three years on his release.

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