‘Getting a boob job was my largest remorse – I really feel completely different with out implants’

Going under the knife can be a real gamble, so you’ve got to be dead certain and really do your research before booking in.

You often won’t know if you like the results until they’re staring back at you – and that’s exactly what happened to one Aussie influencer. Tilly Whitfield was left gutted after her boob job turned out to be her “biggest regret”.

The reality TV star, who shot to fame on Australia’s version of Big Brother, sent the internet into meltdown after confessing that getting her breasts done was a huge error.

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Tilly Whitfield with implants
Tilly Whitfield has revealed her biggest plastic surgery regret on social media

On TikTok, the 24-year-old showed off before-and-after snaps of her breast implants. Post operation, her boobs swamped her dainty frame.

This led to her branding the decision her “biggest regret”. So in a bid to change her body back to its petite size, she decided to get the implants taken out.

This procedure typically involves a surgeon making an incision through the breast augmentation scar and taking the implant out, according to Karidis.

The final result showed her with a slightly fuller bust than her original size, minus the artificial enhancements. Stunned TikTok users took to the comments section to offer Tilly support – with many saying she looks amazing as she is.

One user quizzed: “That’s before? Why get them done? Holy heck,” while another chimed in noting: “You’re perfect.” Appreciative of her candidness, a third admirer gushed: “Good for you.”

Meanwhile, others asked questions about going under the knife. A commenter wrote: “Wait did you experience nausea after you got them done? I want mine done but I’ve heard u get super sick after.”

Brutally honest with her response, Tilly cautioned: “Don’t do it.”

Tilly Whitfield
Tilly was a star on the Australian version of Big Brother

This isn’t Tilly’s first encounter with regrettable beauty procedures. Previously she tried to use a dangerous and unregulated trend thriving online for DIY faux freckles.

The viral sensation involved pricking the skin with a sewing needle dipped in ink, claiming it’d create lasting freckles for six months. Motivated by this, Tilly opted to buy brown tattoo ink from eBay to try the method herself, but was left scarred.

Following the daunting experience, Tilly went on to share a video of the ordeal online as a cautionary tale to others against dabbling with risky beauty hacks.