Guinness drinkers vow to boycott ‘unbearable’ new pattern as they modify order

A Guinness-drinking challenge has caused pub regulars to swear off their usual order and ask for the beverage in non-branded glasses.

Participants of the game must gulp down the exact amount of stout needed to land the foam in the space between the G insignia on the stout’s official glasses. The fad has turned into a competition at some watering holes and has received mixed reviews from punters.

Many pub-goers have embraced the novel drinking game with open arms. However other patrons are so enraged they are now choosing to drink Guinness from unlabelled glasses for fear of getting drawn into the trend.

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A debate began after one X (formerly Twitter) user posted a “Split the G Leaderboard” found in a London boozer. The chalkboard also outlined the rules of the game and featured pictures of successful challengers. It was shared with the caption: “Can you split the G?”

Reaction to the decor was mixed. In reference to one victor, one user said: “Can you even begin to imagine how insufferable a guy called ‘Tony the Hat’ who is on a split the G leaderboard is.”

Guinness drinkers vow to boycott 'insufferable' new pub trend as they change order
‘Splitting the G’ has proven controversial (stock)

Another made reference to the hit sitcom Peep Show, sharing an image of Matt King’s character Super Hans refusing a Guinness with a logo in the foam. The user quipped: “Pint of Guinness please, no logo on the glass.”

A third added: “This G stuff legitimately putting me off ordering the drink.”

Some were left baffled by the drinking game, admitting it was a new concept to them. One individual posted: “Im irish and i literally only heard about this split the G thing recently. I wonder is it an english thing.”

Another person shared a snapshot of the leaderboard, issuing a stern caution. They commented: “Note the lack of Irish names on that board. We were taught young that you don’t play with your drink.” A different user simply queried: “What the f**k is this? “.

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