‘I misplaced a stone simply with out reducing out any meals – it is all about stability’

People think you have to ditch food to drop the pounds, but one fitness guru is on a mission to prove otherwise.

Isabelle Morris, who has a whopping 110,000 followers on Instagram under the username Fitness for Lazy Girls, wants to help people approach fitness with a positive attitude.

She’s big on body positivity, and is on a mission to show women they can look absolutely amazing without having to restrict their diets so much. And her latest post proves a pretty big point.

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Isabelle shared some pictures of her body to show her progress and offered fans a peek at the transformation she’s rocked over the past 10 months. She managed to shed about a stone, but didn’t get there by ditching food.

Instead, she’s been using food as the fuel she needs to power through her fitness journey. She hasn’t been starving herself silly to hit her targets, as it’s been giving her the energy to smash her goals.

Now she’s inspiring other people to approach fitness with a positive and can-do attitude.

Isabelle Morris, AKA Fitness for Lazy Girls, shared how she achieved her weight loss
She showed off her impressive transformation

Taking to Instagram, Isabelle said: “A little look at my progress over the past year and reminder that your small daily actions add up, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes!

“In the picture on the left, I’d just come off 6 months of bulking to intentionally put on muscle/weight, and I was about 2 months into a fat loss phase. From then until August 2023, I continued in a fat loss phase, and then moved into a reverse diet for several weeks before hanging out at maintenance for the fall and winter.

“I have been in a mini fat loss phase again for the past 2-3 months! There is absolutely nothing wrong with either photo, and I worked really hard to get to the picture on the left! But it feels good to know I showed up for myself consistently, pushed myself hard and made changes I’m proud of.

“I am feeling confident and super excited about where I’m at! And never cut out a single food or social event along the way. If you’re looking to reach your goals without restrictions, join my coaching family!”

Isabelle Morris, AKA Fitness for Lazy Girls, shared how she achieved her weight loss
Isabelle inspires thousands of women with her content

Since she shared the post, over 3,800 people liked it, and her followers were keen to share their thoughts. They congratulated Isabelle on her progress, and thanked her for sharing her journey with them.

One person said: “It’s cool you’re enjoying it but for me, it just seems like such constant work, don’t you ever get tired of thinking about it? And then if you do… after just a little bit of easing up, I’m assuming you loss a tonne of progress you’ve worked really hard for?

“I think that’s why I think it’s not for me, it seems like such constant hard work like I like eating healthy and being active, but Im just not sure I can think of it so strategically/strictly… But maybe one day.”

Another replied: “I honestly don’t see much of a difference in either picture. You look great in both!”

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