‘I used to be bullied for seems to be – however acquired final chortle by flogging my soiled bathtub water’

A woman who was once ‘bullied’ for her glamorous looks has got the last laugh after flogging her dirty bath water and slippers for cash.

Donna Matheson, 34, from Inverness, first dipped her toes into the modelling world when she was just 18 and felt even then that posing was her passion.

The blonde bombshell was soon chosen as a finalist for Miss Scotland and enjoyed a stint working as a glamour model a year after coming close to the crown.

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However, her time in front of the camera was short lived as she received some “stick and bullying” for her sexy posing job.

Donna was bullied out of modelling – but now she’s back with a moo…

After retiring her modelling gigs for 12 years to work with NHS patients recovering from heart attacks, Donna is back in the game – and stronger than ever.

Speaking to exclusively to Daily Star about her unique career, Donna shared: “I love the quirky items I sell the most, dirty bath water, muddy shoes and worn slippers – used items sell from £100 to £400 per item and custom videos vary from £200 to £600.

“My favourite thing about the job is absolutely the diversity in my day. One day I’m pretending to be a cow in a custom video in my living room, the next day I’m posting my worn slippers or dirty bath water.

She can earn hundreds of pounds by just pretending to be a cow…

“When I think I’ve heard everyone’s kinks something new comes up and I love it – the more diverse the better!”

“I love creating content so I’m going to keep improving on that and keep making all my used item lovers feel comfortable in coming to me with there love of unusual items! I would love to be top creator for used items and custom content.”

But it hasn’t always been so easy for Donna, who also runs her beauty business alongside modelling and content creating.

She also sells her dirty water

For 12 years, Donna shelved her modelling job and turned to working in a council gym – where she helped NHS patients recover from heart attacks in the form of cardio rehabilitation.

After growing tired of the lack of progression, Donna decided to start a makeup business before it all came crashing down during the Covid pandemic.

It was only then when the mum turned back to modelling that she started posting sexy snaps and content to make money. And it changed her life forever.

Donna recalled: “It was a really hard time. Not allowed out of a top floor flat with a toddler with family two hours away and zero money.

The mum used to rely on food banks before she started selling her unusual items

“Friends always suggested doing OnlyFans and I always loved glamour modelling when I did it so I took my iPhone and took some snaps and videos started a page and it hit top 1% in a few weeks.

“I was shocked and overwhelmed.

“This isn’t a fairy-tale experience and I will emphasise that there are so many downsides. But after 10 years people pleasing and taking what people say to heart, when I had zero income coming in and my mindset shifted.”

Donna is now focusing on being a mum while juggling her beauty business and content creation as she hopes to purchase her own house, pay off debts she racked up during the pandemic and have the flexibility to travel when she pleases.

Donna is hoping that her saucy content can help her buy a house and travel

That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but she’s certainly learned how to deal with the bullies who still target Donna for her looks – though she assures they have nothing to worry about.

As the mum says, she’s focused on her own “little lane” of flogging bath water, slippers and all sorts of other “unusual” items.

She concluded: “I get judged a lot for how I look a lot which gets a lot of girls get backs up thinking I would be interested in their man. Reality is I’m probably more interested in them having been bisexual since 16, I definitely prefer dating women.

“Now in my mid 30s I’m so content in who I am, it washes over me so much easier than it used too.

“The more you feed hate more it grows I’m relaxed and in my own little lane.”

You can find Donna on Instagram here