Only folks with sharp eyes can spot odd animal lurking in optical phantasm

Brain-boggling optical illusions could be great for testing your intelligence and eyesight.

We’ve seen a lot of brainteasers hit the internet in recent weeks, but now the latest might have you slapping your knees for a while. It was shared on Reddit this week.

In the image, it asks you to find the elusive creature hiding among the turtles. User r/FTheSniper wrote: “Spot the snake in this sneaky optical illusion.”

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The task sounds simple enough and all you have to do is find the sneaky snake nestling among the crowd of turtles.

Whether you know it or not, puzzles like these are great workout for that grey matter. Since hitting Reddit, it rapidly racked up 38,000 upvotes and garnered some 1,600 comments.

One bamboozled user admitted: “I can’t. I keep going back to the full teeth smiling turtle.” Another shared: “I’m still being an idiot. Been looking for 10 minutes.”

If you’re struggling to spot the sly snake, we recommend giving every corner of the picture a thorough scan. Your patience will pay off when you spot it at the bottom left.

This baffling visual brain-teaser was created by Gergely Dudas, a Hungarian cartoonist famed for his optical illusions.

Fancy another optical illusion? Previously, people spotted a “horror” detail in a recent snap – and only those ‘sharp eyed’ can see it fast.

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The image shows a person’s bush, but if you stare in the right direction, there’s something staring at you. Now, if you’re imagining something grisly at this point, you’re wrong.

While you might be looking for something surreal or sinister, the star of the show is a bird. Zooming into the picture could help unearth the pigeon.

On another occasion, a mind-bending brainteaser is ‘scaring’ people who stare at the red dot for 10 seconds. Then only people with “high IQs” can spot the hidden box within seven seconds.