Chaotic Monaco grid stroll noticed mechanic swear and Martin Brundle have awkward chat

The Monaco Grand Prix is home to some of Formula 1‘s greatest moments – but also one of Martin Brundle’s most awkward.

Ferrari‘s Charles Leclerc is the favourite to land his first win of 2024 in his home race on Sunday, but it’s the grid walk that many fans will be looking forward to most. Perhaps not Brundle himself, however, after last year’s promenade at the Circuit de Monte Carlo saw a Red Bull engineer swear on live television.

Brundle’s grid strolls seldom run flawlessly, as proved during his mingle with A-listers like Orlando Bloom, Beverley Knight and Kylie Minogue in previous editions of the Monaco GP. However, it was an unexpectedly explicit exchange with an unidentified Red Bull staff member that really set social media ablaze in 2023.

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While navigating a congested pit lane, Brundle sought to engage Red Bull boss Christian Horner in conversation. It was then that a stressed-looking staffer audibly voiced some concern.

“I’m gonna get in f***ing s***, dude,” the engineer in question could be heard saying after wandering into Brundle’s range. And the Sky Sports mainstay appeared briefly lost for words at what had just unfolded.

Martin Brundle encountered problems as he attempted to interview Christian Horner
Brundle quickly reverted back to his chat with Christian Horner following the gaffe

Upon being alerted that the broadcast was being streamed live, Brundle promptly issued an apology for the coarse language before he resumed his chat with Horner. But it was evident from the online reaction that the damage had been done.

One viewer tweeted: “Hahaha Red Bull mechanic supposed to be shielding Horner from Brundle says “I’m gonna get in f***ing s*** dude” at the Sky team as Brundle strolls past him.” Another stunned spectator tweeted: “I’m gonna get in f***ing s*** dude. . .WE’RE LIVE.”

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Martin Brundle
The incident was one of Brundle’s more awkward exchanges from his gallery of grid walks

A third added: “And a Red Bull mechanic is going to get f***ing s*** for letting Brundle get near the car.” And other fans expressed their dismay, with one remarking: “Disgusting language to Martin Brundle by that Red Bull mechanic on the grid walk!”

It wasn’t the only awkward exchange that happened during last year’s grid walk in Monte Carlo. Brundle also had to correct himself after referring to Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois as Spanish during their short chat.

martin brundle - thibaut courtois
Brundle also had an awkward run-in with Real Madrid star Thibaut Courtois

The former driver was quick to reprimand himself following the incident, but that didn’t take away from the hilarity of the situation. And he’ll be hoping to avoid similar such stresses when he returns to his duties on Sunday, with Manchester United’s FA Cup final winner Raphael Varane among those to have made the journey to Monaco.