YouTuber iShowSpeed joins tons of hurling themselves down hill for iconic occasion

The unofficial Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling event at Coopers Hill near Brockworth has already crowned its 2024 champion, Tom from Germany, who was among dozens who defied safety warnings

Brits have defied safety warnings to take part in the iconic cheese rolling championships alongside a famous YouTuber who declared “I’m just trying to win some cheese, bro”.

American content creator IShowSpeed was among the hordes of people who took part in the odd event today (May 27) at Coopers Hill near Brockworth, Gloucestershire.

Official bodies had deemed it to be ‘unsafe’ and have urged people to consider the potential consequences of taking part or watching the event.

Even still, hundreds were in attendance as Tom Kopke from Germany won a pongy wheel of cheese in the men’s race. Abby Lampe from North Carolina won the women’s race, after also doing so in 2022.