Jeremy Clarkson hailed ‘communist comrade’ after response to National Service

Jeremy Clarkson has made an unusual suggestion after the Prime Minister announced bold plans to reinstate Britain’s National Service.

Whether he’s running a farm, driving high-speed cars or being crowned the UK’s ‘sexiest man’, it’s no secret Clarkson has his fingers in many pies. But in a shock turn of events, the 64-year-old has now been hailed a ‘communist comrade’ after he voiced his concern over Rishi Sunak‘s plans – and offered a bold alternative.

The Tory frontman sent shockwaves through the nation earlier this week when he pledged to start a ‘mandatory’ National Service scheme if the Conservatives are re-elected in July. This bold plan would see 18-year-olds choose between full-time military work or volunteering one weekend each month for a year.

While a YouGov poll recently revealed 34% of Brits would support a programme of this nature, Clarkson certainly isn’t among them. Taking to X (formerly Twitter) he told his 8million followers: “Here’s an idea.

“Instead of national service, which is obviously idiotic, how about kids working on farms.” Unsurprisingly, this post was quick to rack up floods of comments, with many Clarkson’s Farm fans chiming in to give their take.

“An army of mini-Kaleb [Coopers] swarming the English countryside, wielding pitchforks with the fervour of soldiers on the frontline,” one fan wrote. “Who needs national service when you can have a legion of child laborers revolutionising agriculture with their boundless enthusiasm and complete lack of experience? Genius.”

Another chimed in: “I’d rather do that, any jobs going at the farm jezza?”, to which the TV celeb replied: “Yes. The shop is always on the look out for bright, chatty people. We don’t care about qualifications. Just be fun.”

But some fans took this to a whole new level, hailing Clarkson a ‘communist comrade’. Various X users even designed parody propaganda posters and videos to match.

“Republic of Hawkstone,” one poster said, displaying a very stoic image of Clarkson and his farm manager Kaleb Cooper. The Chinese song ‘Red Sun In The Sky’ accompanied this, which is formerly an ode to the previous communist leader Mao Zedong.

This left countless X users in hysterics, with one writing: “I wish he could see this,” as others said: “Chairman Clarkson!” and: “It got weird didn’t it?”

Rishi Sunak

Sunak announced the controversial plan earlier this week (stock image)

Sunak’s proposal comes 64 years after the UK ended its post-War conscription. This saw young able-bodied men called upon to support in military operations across the globe.

The PM believes reinstating this will help bring back a sense of ‘national spirit’ while giving young people the opportunity to ‘transform their lives’. In an address to the nation, he said: “We have so much to be proud of in Britain. But one of the problems in our society is that we have generations of young people who don’t have the opportunities they deserve.

“Britain today faces a future that is more dangerous and more divided – there’s no doubt our democratic values are under threat. That is why we will introduce a bold new model of national service for 18-year-olds.”

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