Bloke poos in restaurant storeroom and cleans fingers in soup

A gruesome bloke didn’t spend long stewing over where to relieve himself when he decided to poo in a restaurant storeroom and clean his hands in a pot of steaming soup.

In a video captured on security cameras, the man was spotted adjusting his attire at the Shenyang restaurant in China on Monday (June 3) at 10am.

Local media publication Phoenix New Media said he then rather absurdly plunged his right hand into a large metal pot nearby before flicking the liquid off his hand and walking away from the storeroom.

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According to reports, the man had been denied entry into the restaurant’s toilets before entering the storeroom without permission. A brown patch of liquid was left on the storeroom’s door where the man came from.

A man has apparently taken a poo in a Chinese restaurant's storeroom
Staff were horrified

He was described as having squatted down in the corner before standing up again shortly after, washing his hands in the metal pot of food before leaving.

Staff said the man had been denied entry because the water meter was being replaced and water was unavailable at the time, China Press reported. They said he was denied repeatedly so took matters into his own hands.

“We were all working and didn’t notice him,” a member of staff recalled. “Later I found him at the exit and he ran off after seeing me.”

Feeling something strange was happening, the employee checked surveillance footage and saw the man in action. He took off his pants, defecated in the storeroom, washed his hands with sour plum soup and left.

Fortunately, the staff realised and embarked on a lengthy mission to disinfect the storeroom and toss the soup before anyone could consume it.

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