Dive-bombing seagull sends ice cream flying earlier than crash touchdown into pavement

A dive-bombing seagull ended up with instant karma after trying to nab an ice cream before smashing into the pavement.

Hilarious pictures show the cone in mid-air after the pesky bird swiped it out of the hand of an unsuspecting woman. The story recently resurfaced on social media as the looming summer marks the rise in snack-snatching incidents.

Earlier this year, the Daily Star mapped the UK’s hardest “XL Gullies” that have been terrorising towns with some dubbed “absolute units.” Aberdeen came out on top as the country’s “hardest seagull capital” where the beasts are described as “psychos.”

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Quivering locals have relived their brutal run-ins with the mighty menaces with some branding them “absolutely ruthless.”

You wouldn't wanna mess with these guys
You wouldn’t wanna mess with these guys

One said: “There’s a few will regularly help themselves to stuff in shops in Aberdeen. Routine attacks on people are normal. Oh and they are f*****g massive and hyper aggressive. Plenty of towns have bad gull problems but Aberdeen is a whole other level of psychotic b****d birds.”

Another added: “I’ve lived in a number of coastal areas in the UK but the Aberdeen gulls are something else.”

The Daily Record recently reminded its readers of a story in 2020 involving a trio of pals who were set upon during a day out to St Andrews.

Amy Wilson was visiting the town with friends, Megan Rooney and Gillian Scott, when they decided to head for an ice cream.

The seagull gets ready to strike
The seagull gets ready to strike

But their joy was short-lived as when Amy tried to take a photo of her treat.

In one fell swoop, a seagull came out of nowhere and knocked Amy’s cone out of her hand, causing a startled Megan to drop hers in surprise.

But while karma was instant for the feathered fiend which crash landed into the pavement, it quickly rose to its feet and scooped up the cones which had been abandoned by the fleeing women.

As if the incident wasn’t traumatic enough, it was captured on film by Gillian, who had been walking ahead of her pals.

The seagull swoops into action
The seagull swoops into action

Amy shared a series of screenshots on X, formerly Twitter, captioning them “Insta vs Reality” which went on to attract over 30,000 likes.

Amy said: “We had noticed the seagull when we were walking past but it just seemed to be looking about. We didn’t expect it to attack us for our ice cream. I’d only managed to grab a few bites before it happened.”

She said that the animal seemed unhurt after its collision with the pavement and was happily tucking into their ice cream when they left – but the group didn’t feel brave enough to go back to the parlour to buy more.

Dozens of social media users replied to the viral post with one joking that St Andrews’ seagulls were “lethal”, while another added that this was their “worst nightmare.”

Another commented: “Omg. How do you guys get stuff like this on video? PS the cone mid flight is fkn hilarious.”

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