Labour’s full manifesto will reveal how Keir Starmer will change UK

What a Labour government led by a Prime Minister Keir Starmer would do to improve the lives of Britons will become clearer this week as they hope to clinch a General Election victory.

The opening of 3,300 nurseries in primary schools and breakfast clubs for pupils are welcome down payments ahead of the party’s full manifesto launch later this week.

Funding the programme to boost learning for the vast majority by ending an unjustifiable VAT tax break on private school fees – enjoyed by a small minority mostly from higher income households – is a fully costed plan in the best interests of the nation.

Even a slim majority of Tory voters approve so Labour’s education chief Bridget Phillipson is due applause for defying the scaremongering vested interests of those who do not use, appreciate or properly fund state schools that teach the children of 93% of families.

With disaster zone Rishi Sunak running scared – dodging interviewers since his D-Day disgrace – this week is a golden opportunity for Starmer and his Labour government-in-waiting to set out an irresistible offer to voters ahead of July 4’s election.

Swiftie rebuke

Springwatch’s Chris Packham is right about private jet users fuelling catastrophic climate change.

But the eco campaigner is not plugged in if he really expects teenage fans of global pop icon Taylor Swift to protest about their heroine’s choice of personal transport.

Private jets are a luxury of the privileged few that inflict disproportionate damage on the world but when it comes to criticism of Taylor her adoring Swifties will Shake it Off.

A sad ending

The wife of Michael Mosley revealing he “nearly made it” after he was found dead on a Greek island is heartbreaking.

The thoughts of millions who benefited from the TV doctor’s sage advice will be with Dr Clare Bailey and their children.