Racy mannequin who chucked milkshake on Nigel Farage claims she’s made £40k since

The model who chucked a milkshake over Nigel Farage has claimed she has made £40,000 since the incident – but denied it was a publicity stunt.

The blonde bombshell, Victoria Thomas-Bowen, 25, was charged with assault by beating and criminal damage after she chucked a banana milkshake over the politician on Tuesday (June 4).

Farage had been at a Wetherspoons in Clacton, Essex on a campaign rally at the time.

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Images of a milkshake-covered Farage soon went viral, and it seems it helped line Victoria’s pockets too.

Victoria Thomas-Bowen chucked a milkshake over Nigel Farage
Victoria claims she made £40k after the milkshake incident

However she has said it was not a publicity stunt.

She said she got 2,000 more followers on each of her two subscription pages. But added: “So I guess, with hindsight, it was a good PR stunt if I had planned it like that, but I didn’t.”

Victoria currently has two online subscription pages. One is charged at £6.29 a month, while the other, offering a more uncensored subscription, is £12.59 a month.

Nigel Farage
It’s not the first time Farage has been ‘milkshaked’

However in the wake of milkshake-gate, her “no pay per view” account is on sale for £7.55 a month. On the account, she encourages subscribers to “come chat with me 1-1”.

Speaking to The Sun, Victoria said: “I hadn’t had any breakfast, and I was feeling quite lightheaded so I stopped at McDonalds on the way to the pier and got a banana milkshake. Then I remembered that he had been milkshaked before.

After the incident, Victoria spent eight hours at the police station
After the incident, Victoria spent eight hours at the police station

“I called my mum and I was like: ‘Yeah, I am where Farage is, and I have a milkshake.'”

She said that she didn’t imagine it would end up on the news and wanted to walk away after it happened, but people walked after her.

“Reporters were asking my name and I didn’t tell anyone. So how could it have been a PR stunt?” she said.

After the incident, Victoria spent eight hours at the police station. She was released and is now due to appear before magistrates in Chelmsford on July 2.