Terrifying map exhibits the place largest sharks are discovered off UK coast

An alarming map has revealed where great big whopping sharks have been found lurking in British waters, amid concerns a killer may soon start cruising Britain’s coastlines.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are 21 permanent species of shark patrolling UK’s coastline, according to charity Shark Trust.

This includes the massive basking shark, which has been spotted in the Atlantic Ocean north of Scotland between May and October. The shark can reach up to 40ft in length, and is second in size only to the whale shark.

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Thankfully, this mighty beast is a filter feeder. This means the shark doesn’t actively hunt or search for food, rather it swims around the ocean with its gob open, eating whatever comes in, which in the basking shark’s case, is plankton.

The map reveals the basking shark is the largest swimming in UK waters

The majority of Britain’s sharks, however, are on the smaller side, with more than half on the International Union for Conservation of Natures’s threatened species list, reports The Express.

According to the Shark Trust, there have been no species of shark reported in UK waters that are know to be dangerous to humans. However, research by ocean data collected Ocearch has indicated that great whites could start to migrate north from the Mediterranean.

These huge apex predators, which can grow unto 21ft in length, and are known to attack humans, have been spotted moving northwards in the hunt for seals, which could lead them to British waters.

UK map
Britain has 21 resident shark species patrolling its waters

No great white has been spotted in UK waters, with the closest reported sighting at the Bay of Biscay, more than 160 miles away, in 1977. Experts believe the shark is moving closer to the UK, as waters become more suitable.

Great whites are also listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.

The porbeagle shark is another large shark found in British waters, off the north east coast.

Blue shark
The migratory blue shark is one of them

Growing up to 12ft in size, it’s usually found in deeper water where it hunts smaller fish, such as mackerel, herring and octopus.

They are endothermic, which allows them to live and hunt in seas that are too cold for other sharks. The beast can also travel huge distances, with one making it to Canada, from Irish waters.

The shortfin mako, smooth hammerhead and the migratory blue shark, which can all reach more than 10ft in size, are also found in British waters.

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