Boy dropped 100ft in Tate Modern makes outstanding restoration after near-death

The child who was flung off of the balcony at the Tate Modern in 2019 is slowly but surely recovering, according to an update from his parents.

The child, who was six at the time, was singled out at random by disturbed teen Jonty Bravery, who was 17 when the attack occurred.

The young child was standing on the observation deck of the Tate when Bravery hurled him off the ledge to fall 100ft (30 metres) below. Bravery was in supported accommodation at the time of the attack, but was allowed out unsupervised. He had intended to select and kill someone at random, a court was later told.

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Bravery pleaded guilty to attempted murder and in 2020 was jailed for 15 years.

Although Bravery intended to kill a stranger that day, the child he picked was made of more resilient stuff, and has been making enormous strides in his recovery despite his many injuries.

Jonty Bravery set out to cause harm
Jonty Bravery set out to cause harm

His parents, who have been updating friends and family via their GoFundMe page said: “Notre petit chevalier [our little knight] has begun to pick out activities for himself.”

They added that despite him suffering from a brain bleed and several broken bones, he can now “go play in the garden with the dog, sit down to draw, build with his Legos, take a board game or read in his room”.

the young boy fell a huge distance
The young boy fell a huge distance

The page continues: “He is very proud now to be able to open his shutters by himself and above all to finally access the refrigerator to serve himself his dessert.”

He spent months in intensive care, and is now in horse-adapted therapy which is helping to strengthen his body bit by bit. His parents have said his left side is now a lot stronger, so he is finding it easier to stand.

He is also in school, and although academics are much harder for him than his peers, he is building his memory back, and is now able to retain much more information than he used to.

The incident occurred on the south bank of the River Thames
The incident occurred on the south bank of the River Thames

Despite growing up with severe difficulties due to this horrific incident, this child was luckier than the man who fell to his death from the Tate Modern earlier this year. His death was treated as unexpected, but not suspicious.

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