‘I would like £2.2k bodyguard to maintain males away at health club – however will not ditch attractive outfits’

A model thought about employing an expensive bodyguard to deter men from coming up to her in the gym.

Monica Huldt believes she’s “so hot” that men can’t resist shooting their shot – even when she’s putting herself through a sweaty workout. This can be a problem when she’s trying to stick to her strict fitness regimen.

The 40-year-old pumps iron five times a week, so being approached by flirty strangers can be pretty disruptive. But while some may advise her to dress more modestly to stop attracting attention, she refuses.

Monica, from Arizona in the US, has not toned down her sexy outfits. In fact, she recently hit the gym in a tiny sports bra and skin-tight cargo shorts.

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Monica Huldt
Monica recently rocked this racy activewear to the gym, where she snapped a selfie

The ripped influencer scraped her hair back into a high bun and struck a pose as she snapped a gym selfie in a nearby mirror.

Thankfully, there didn’t appear to be any blokes checking her out in the mirror. But many were full of praise for her on Instagram instead – as the post racked up more than 680 likes.

Monica claims she’s not keen on all the attention – especially as she has been pestered in the gym in the past. Previously, she revealed she’d pay any money for the right security.

She said: “Working out and exercising is super important to me as I do it not just for my physical health but my mental well-being. I get hit on at the gym at least once every time I go and I work out at minimum five times a week so it can get a bit draining.

“Once I was looking at my phone one day and this older guy came up to me and said, ‘stop trying to text me, I didn’t bring my phone’. I replied saying I wasn’t texting him and he then asked if I wanted to.”

Monica Huldt
The blonde bombshell refuses to cover up – even if people do stare

Monica added: “It does make me feel good to know they find me attractive as I didn’t have the best self-esteem growing up. But most of the time I just want to be left alone so I can get in and get out.

“I would happily pay $3,000 (around £2,200) a month for someone who does a good job and can scare people off.”

The unwanted attention at the gym reminds the model of several scary encounters that nearly ended in dangerous situations.

Monica, who is also Swedish, added: “I have had a stalker before who somehow found my number. This guy would text me pretending to be other people, like the lady that does my eyelashes, a photographer and even a doctor.

“It was super creepy and I had to block all the numbers he would text from. He was just this random man.”

Monica Huldt
Monica receives both positive and negative attention due to her good looks

On another occasion, a man tried to grab Monica’s legs as she was running up the stairs at the train station. She detailed: “He tried to pull me into an alley. Thankfully people came and he ran off but it was so scary. I shudder at what might have happened if he hadn’t been interrupted.”

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