Michael Mosley ‘died of warmth exhaustion’ in 40C warmth yards from resort, say cops

Police have said Dr Michael Mosley looks to have “died of heat exhaustion” after sitting down in 40C heat and losing consciousness yards away from a holiday resort.

The results of the autopsy on Dr Michael Mosley’s body were revealed today, days after he was found to have died after walking across the Greek island of Symi in searing 40C heat.

The This Morning doctor, 67, may have taken a tragic final rest just meters away from the safety of a restaurant, the report said. The autopsy was completed on Monday (June 10) in Rhodes, with initial findings suggesting the doctor’s time of death was approximately 4pm last Wednesday (June 5).

READ MORE: Dr Michael Mosley autopsy results reveal exact time he died on Greek island

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Michael Mosley 'died of heat exhaustion' say cops
Dr Michael Mosley autopsy results revealed the exact time he died

A report by a Greek coroner explains the doctor appears to have rested his hand on the terrace of a nearby restaurant before collapsing, Proto Thema reports. The findings appear to contradict the initial claims that Dr Mosley suffered a heavy fall in Symi’s heat last week.

The report allegedly shows that the health expert didn’t seemingly sustain any injuries that indicate any criminal activity. The autopsy concludes that the condition of the remains has made it difficult to establish the TV star’s exact cause of death.

However, police have told local media they think he died of heat exhaustion. Dimos Kotsidaras, police commander for Symi, said: “It looks like cause of death was heat exhaustion after walking in high temperatures from St Nicholas to Agia Marina.”

Michael Mosley 'died of heat exhaustion' say cops
The TV doctor went missing last Wednesday (June 5)

Police and the coroner are also investigating footage from the restaurant, which shows Dr Mosley walking in a confused state for 20 minutes before collapsing last Wednesday, reports the Mail.

The TV favourite was at the Agio Nikolaos beach with two friends when he decided to walk back alone to their accommodation in Symi Town. The journey should have taken approximately 20 minutes.

But it is believed the doctor took a wrong turn, heading over a rocky two-mile trail towards Agia Marina – which is only accessible by foot or water taxi. CCTV footage later emerged of him in the town of Pedi at 3.44pm, one hour and 45 minutes after he was spotted leaving Pedi.

Michael Mosley 'died of heat exhaustion' say cops
It revealed that he may have taken a rest just meters away from a restaurant

The walk between Pedi and Agia Marina should only have taken the star roughly 40 minutes to complete. After accidentally leaving his phone back at his accommodation, the medical expert only had an umbrella, his watch, his rucksack, a bottle of water and his wallet with him.

It is understood that Dr Mosley finally managed to reach the Agia Marina beach but tragically collapsed. A body was first spotted by a camera crew filming by the sea, despite rescue teams passing the same spot.

Dr Michael’s disappearance last week prompted a “desperate” five-day search on the Greek island after he failed to return home from the beach. This recruited dozens of police officers to search the area with the aid of helicopters, divers, dogs and drones.

Michael Mosley 'died of heat exhaustion' say cops
Famous faces shared emotional tributes online

The search had turned to a network of caves known locally as The Abyss, and it is believed a body was found by search staff nearby, reportedly with an umbrella. His body was later removed from Symi island on a boat on Saturday (June 8).

Five firefighters left the island with a body on a stretcher at around 2.45pm local time, having arrived 35 minutes earlier. Following the tragic news, several famous faces have shared their emotional tributes and messages of condolences to the doctor’s family online.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said about his death: “The reports from the weekend are heartbreaking and our thoughts are with Dr Michael Mosley’s family, his wife Clare and friends, in what must be deeply sad times.

“We have seen some incredibly touching tributes which have made clear the huge impact that Dr Mosley had on people and helped to transform people’s lives for the better.

“He will be known as an extraordinary broadcaster who used his platform to influence and change the way we think about many public health issues.”

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