Mike Tyson advised ‘biting Paul’s ear off could be legendary’ in rescheduled combat

Mike Tyson said that gnawing a piece off Evander Holyfield’s ear was ‘the best thing I ever did’.

But now Carl Froch reckons it would be nothing short of ‘legendary’ if YouTuber Jake Paul found himself on the receiving end of a similar fate. Tyson notoriously chomped on Holyfield’s upper ear during their 1997 rematch for the WBA heavyweight title.

Although he was disqualified for his actions, Tyson appears to harbour no remorse. He said: “People just want to take pictures of me biting their ears. These crazy people black, white people and celebrities want me to bite their ears. Listen, that was the best thing I ever did….the best thing I ever did.”

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Tyson was slated to go head-to-head with YouTube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul on July 20; however, due to a health scare, the match got deferred. Despite an ulcer flare-up, the ever-confident Tyson maintains his clean state of health and anticipates the fight to resume later, reports the Mirror.

On Friday (June 7), it was officially informed that the awaited clash will now transpire on November 15 at Texas’s AT&T Arena. Boxing maestro Froch jokingly expressed his hope for history to repeat itself with Tyson potentially gnawing a piece off Paul’s ear later this year, labelling such a possibility as ‘legendary’.

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight in November
Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight in November

Meanwhile, Froch also admitted to giving Andre Ward’s ear a ‘little nibble’ during their 2011 bout. In an interview with Best Anonymous Casinos, Froch confessed: “Mike Tyson is a bit of a livewire and you can only frustrate him for so long before he does something about it.

“I felt like biting Andre Ward’s ear off, I gave it a little nibble I apologised after the fight because I was so frustrated, but I would’ve never ripped it out or taken a chunk out like Tyson did because I’m not a lunatic. I was like; ‘Stop holding me’, because you can’t do anything.

“I was like; ‘Stop holding me’, because you can’t do anything. So I get where Tyson’s coming from it’s just instinctive. If Tyson bites Jake Paul’s ear off that would be legendary.”

The severed part of Holyfield’s ear disappeared en-route to the hospital, preventing doctors from reattaching it. After a 90-minute surgical procedure, medics stitched up the wound – but were unable to fully restore it without the missing piece.