Price of ‘beer bat’ at London Stadium horrifies punters who warn ‘look away now’

When the New York Mets faced off against the Philadelphia Phillies at London Stadium over the weekend, it wasn’t the baseball game that got fans talking.

It was the souvenir plastic baseball bat glass that held two pints of lager at the eye-watering cost of £28.50.

A post by Pints Of Beauty on X (formerly Twitter) said: “2 pint baseball bat at the Olympic Stadium.

“Look away now people…..£28.50.”

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The caption was followed by the mindblown emoji and quickly attracted one million views and almost 150 comments.

Would you fork out that much?
Would you fork out that much?

One said: “Drink it then tw*t the organisers with it for those prices.”

Another said: “I’m hitting a home run with the bartenders nads in this case.”

While another said: “28 quid and most of the second price is foam. Yikes.”

“Serves you right for paying it,” said one less sympathetic user.

But one joked: “That would turn even me tee total.”

While another added: “How big was the flake that came with it?”

“American sporting event prices invading the UK…Wait til it takes over everywhere,” chimed in one person.

The MLB London Series saw the home of West Ham transformed from a football pitch to a baseball field for last weekend’s showcase attended by over 100,000 fans.

Brits were given a taste of America with the beer bat along with two-foot-long hotdogs.

Ticket prices for the games started at just under £100 on Ticketmaster with some reaching as high as £418.

The Mets secured a 6-5 victory over the Phillies on Sunday when the series came to an end.

It was the third MLB series to take place in London, following the New York Yankees v the Boston Red Sox in 2019 and the Chicago Cubs against the St Louis Cardinals in 2023.

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