Share your views within the Mirror’s General Election 2024 Survey

Britain will be heading to the polls in July for the first General Election since 2019.

On Thursday July 4, you’ll get your chance to cast your vote and have a real say in shaping the country. Over the past five years we have witnessed unprecedented change, both at home and abroad. We’ve seen Brexit, the rise and fall of Covid – and a war in Europe with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We’re currently experiencing a real squeeze on our purse strings, an intensifying conflict in the Middle East and a small boats crisis gripping the English Channel. NHS waiting times continue to be a major issue across the country, there’s increasing environmental concern and a ticking pensions time bomb.

With all this in mind, we want to hear about how you are feeling, and if an overwhelming past few years of events has changed how you live. From immigration to crime, or the NHS to Brexit, your opinion matters – so why not share it?

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