Tattoo addict who turned his pores and skin black with ink solely has one house left to fill

A tattoo addict who spent £100,000 covering 98% of his body in inkings says he’s running out of skin for more.

Eli Ink, 33, began at 17 when he had a black spider’s web done on his elbow – which is his only piece that has not yet been fully covered in black ink.

He went on to get his body parts tattooed completely black – including on his arms, legs and chest – and has spent thousands of hours under the gun.

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Eli – who runs Sacred Silence Tattoo in Hove, East Sussex – said: “You have to walk around me to see it all. I’d done myself in awkward areas – if you’ve got the skill to do it, you might as well.

Eli Ink has covered 98% of his body in ink
Eli runs Sacred Silence Tattoo in Hove, East Sussex

“I’m only running out of visible space and I’ve got nearly four layers of different tattoos on my body. With tattooing, once the visible skin is gone, you’ve only got very limited stuff you can put on top.

“I’ve got green and white ink on top of the black – you can layer and layer it. I have completely run out of blank skin but it’s taken on a whole new form.”

Eli Ink has covered 98% of his body in ink
Eli used to look very different

Eli says he gets some funny looks from strangers but that hasn’t put him off trying to cover his whole body in ink. Eli said: “It’s like putting paint on the walls of a house – you can paint your bedroom wall black and then white, green or yellow on top.

“There’s something beautiful about that.”

Eli Ink has covered 98% of his body in ink
He’s now unrecognisable

He believes people shouldn’t take tattoos on others too seriously. He said: “If you buy a dress, you don’t look at the dress and think that has a meaning.

“You look at it and buy it spontaneously because you think: ‘I need this right now’. But 10 years down the line, that dress may become sentimental and have a meaning behind it like a time you wore it. It’s the same with tattoos.

Eli Ink has covered 98% of his body in ink
Eli said he’s been targeted as a result of his inkings

“I’ve been spat at and I’ve been attacked because of the way I look. It’s always been in other countries outside of the UK.”

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