‘The Tories have destroyed the nation’s well being and Labour has a plan to repair it’

Labour’s ambitious plan to create an extra 100,000 urgent dental appointments and ban sales of tooth-rotting and concentration-destroying energy drinks to under-16s would be the start of a welcome drive to improve the nation’s failing health.

Taken with supervised toothbrushing lessons for the very youngest and pulling the plug on TV junk food adverts before 9pm these are smart initiatives that would save a fortune in the future and defuse a Conservative obesity timebomb. What Labour promises this week matters when Keir Starmer’s party is way ahead in the polls, Labour’s manifesto a draft programme for Government after July 4’s General Election.

D-Day dodger Rishi Sunak is unable to escape the shame of leaving them on the beaches to dash home for electioneering, abandoning heroes of a real war to fight a political battle he’s seemingly destined to lose. Ed Davey’s Liberal Democrats are similarly unlikely to ever be in a position to put their manifesto into action but that party, and Nigel Fargage’s Reform UK, joining Labour in taking votes is a perfect storm battering the Conservatives. Britons will be voting for change after 14 dismal, wasted Tory years.

Right’s wrong

French President Emmanuel Macron’s surprise Sunak-style snap elections for his country’s National Assembly is a huge political gamble after the Far Right comfortably outpolled his centrist alliance in European Parliament contests. With the Far Right also making ground in Germany, Austria and Italy, the tilting on the Continent towards bigotry and racism is concerning while here in Britain the hardline Reform UK of Nigel Farage drags the desperate UK Conservatives further Rightwards.

France’s poisonous National Rally might have had a facelift under Marine Le Pen but the reactionary nationalism remains dangerous and it would be a relief should the UK on July 4 buck, as expected, the European trend by moving Left with the election of Keir Starmer and Labour to build a better Britain by tackling the cost of living crisis and reviving key public services.

Give PM boot

Good luck to the England and Scotland men’s football teams kicking off next weekend at Euro 2024 in Germany. If Rishi Sunak is also still expecting to see Wales play the Tory own goal Prime Minister will continue to be disappointed because alas they didn’t qualify.