General election newest: Conservative manifesto launch deliberate as Tory minster suggests no tax rises

The Conservative Party will not increase any taxes if it wins the general election on July 4, a Cabinet minister promised this morning. 

Mel Stride, the Work and Pensions Secretary, was asked if he could confirm there would be no tax rises under a new Tory government. 

He told Times Radio: “Correct. What the manifesto will set out very clearly are areas where we will be cutting tax further and I have explained very clearly where that money will come from in order to do that.

“But we will not be raising taxes, unlike Labour who will be taxing pensioners, who will go for your home, will go for capital gains tax…”

Rishi Sunak will launch the Tories’ general election manifesto later this morning and it is expected to include a pledge to cut National Insurance by a further 2p, taking it down to 6 per cent. 

The Tories have attempted to make tax a clear dividing line with Labour, promising not to raise any levies while accusing the opposition of planning tax rises.

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