‘I’m EastEnders fan engaged to Shirley Carter double – we’re each having a child’

An EastEnders super fan who went viral for revealing she’s engaged to Shirley Carter’s ‘twin’ has shared a massive announcement about their relationship.

Anna Simpson, 31, from Nottinghamshire, always had a “crush” on the long-standing rowdy resident of Albert Square.

So she hit the jackpot when she bumped into Kerry Simpson, 38, on the school run back at the beginning of 2018.

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Kerry, who already shares the same surname as Anna, just so happens to have an uncanny resemblance to the fictional EastEnders character.

Mesmerised by Kerry and her Shirley Carter-esque blonde pixie cut, Anna quickly hit things off and the pair got engaged months later bringing their families together.

Anna and Kerry
Anna(L) and Kerry(R) have been together since 2018 and are wanting to extend their family

But the lovers have now shared that their brood of four will be getting some extra additions, as they are planning to get pregnant with the same sperm surrogate at the same time.

Speaking with their 812,000 TikTok followers, Kerry – who is sporting a new look – and Anna shared: “We can’t believe our baby journey is finally happening.

“Our baby journey begins now, we have found an amazing donor. It’s so hard trying to find nice people in the world nowadays but we found one and he’s absolutely amazing.

“We are going to start home insemination tomorrow so we will keep you all updated on that one.

“And how it’s going to work is we are both going to try and hopefully ‘it’ happens for both of us, and if it doesn’t that’s fine, we’ll be happy with either one of us getting pregnant and having the baby.”

Kerry and Anna
The couple bonded over EastEnders and are planning to get pregnant at the same time

Kerry chimed in and said: “We’ll both be their mums.”

However, the plan is for both Kerry and Anna to get pregnant from the same sperm donor so they can both fall pregnant at the same time.

This means they’ll have to make sure their menstrual cycles are synchronised in order to have the best bet of fulfilling their dreams.

Anna continued: “We would really love it if it worked for us at the same time, wouldn’t we? This is all new to us, we haven’t done this before but yeah, it’s going to be fun.

“Hopefully they’ll be a baby along soon.”

Kerry and Anna
They have the same ‘donor’…

Kerry explained that the couple have been taking ovulation tests and are sharing their story in hopes that others can relate or so they can simply educate people about their non-traditional pregnancy journey.

She admitted that she’s “nervous” and then crossed her fingers.

However, it looks like Kerry should have crossed her fingers a little more as the day of the planned ‘donation’ was brought to a very speedy halt.

On Tuesday (4 June), the donor had to cancel the day of double attempted insemination as he had a ‘family emergency’.

Kerry and Anna
The loved-up pair have already ran into a spot of bother with their donor…

Although the couple didn’t want to share too much on what had happened, they reassured fans that they will announce to their thousands of fans when they will “do it.”

They hope that the donor can pull through soon before they start their periods, otherwise they’ll have to wait until the following month.

Shirley Carter might not have been the obvious heartthrob in EastEnders, but it’s certainly brought Anna and Kerry closer together.

Previously speaking to the Daily Star, Anna said: “We love Shirley. She’s feisty and doesn’t care what people think…but I don’t fancy her.

Shirley Carter causing havoc and bringing families together since ’06

“It was more of a sketch because so many people call Kerry ‘Shirley Carter’ as well as ‘the long one’.

“The thing that attracted me to Kerry is that I thought she was beautiful and her tattoos, but even as a Shirley Carter she still looks fit.

“But when I got to know her, her personality was amazing too.

“We have both watched EastEnders from when we were children and we still watch it now… Shirley come back!”