McDonald’s buyer dares driver to brawl as she says ‘I’m able to Fight Club’

Tempers flared outside a McDonald’s restaurant when a hangry customer squared up to another declaring: “I’m so ready to Fight Club this s**t.”

Donta Jones was on his lunch break when he found himself being challenged to a brawl by an unidentified woman who honked her horn apparently annoyed over how slow he’d parked his car.

As the woman unleashed a verbal tirade, Donta managed to capture the incident on camera with the footage since going viral, Mail Online reports.

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In it, the woman can be seen approaching the car stating: “Come on, come on now. I’m so ready to Fight Club this s**t. Get a degree, go to school, go to school. You’re eating McDonald’s.”

The first rule about Fight Club....
The first rule about Fight Club….

Donta said he believes the outraged woman took the opportunity to approach him because she spotted him rolling down his window.

He said he started recording 30 seconds into the altercation out of fear for his own safety.

“She was like sitting on my hood, she wouldn’t let me leave at first,” he said.

“All I could think about is if the cops come, she’s this crazy and she’s going to flip the story and I don’t want to go to jail over this random person.”

The second rule about Fight Club….

Donta said she was “flailng her arms around” and tried to slam his door several times.

No arrests have yet been made in relation o the incident.

The news comes after a brawl in a UK McDonald’s saw children try to get between two “increasingly aggressive” mums who raged at a group of teens over missing food.

Members of the public were pushed into by the brawling group, who were eventually separated by teenagers waiting to pick up their order at a Brighton-based McDonald’s.

One woman was left on the floor and screaming “get the f**k off” as another woman wearing a brown coat continued her tirade against the group who pulled her away to end the fight. A young child was then seen pushing his mum away from the scene after she got back to her feet.

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