Most costly pint of beer within the UK unveiled – however it’s not what it appears

The most expensive pint in the UK has been revealed – but not everything is quite as it seems.

A tiny little ‘hole in the wall’ boozer in Pimlico, London, has come under fire for charging £19 for a third of a pint. According to the Sun, the beer in question is named Cantillon Iris and if you were to drink an entire pint of it wold come close to £60 if you buy it from The Cask Pub and Kitchen. But beer experts have been quick to clarify the price tag to the Daily Star, noting that this “no ordinary beer”.

While the idea of paying almost £60 for a pint of nectar might seem ridiculous to most, the experts have pointed out that other types of booze like whiskey and wine have top-end offerings that can reach into the thousands.

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Speaking to the Star, the chief executive of consumer group the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), Tom Stainer, said: “We’re not talking about your average beer! Iris is a very rare beer, brewed once a year by the Cantillon Brewery in Belgium.

Iris is 'no ordinary beer'
Iris is ‘no ordinary beer’, an expert said

“Before it is bottled it is matured for two years in the barrel. It’s also a 15% abv beer which comes in individually numbered bottles. It’s almost impossible to get hold of, with most retailers selling out as soon as they get it and often limiting customers to one bottle each.

“Wine and whisky aficionados wouldn’t think twice about paying much more per ml for a wine, or whisky, with that sort of rarity or provenance – so it’s always amusing when people get so excited about the price of a beer of this quality and rarity.”

THings aren't quite as bad as they might seem (stock)
Things aren’t quite as bad as they might seem (stock)

His words were echoed by Pubs Advisory Service chief Chris Wright, who went one step further to note that while this costly bottle wasn’t something to get angry about, he is concerned about the price of beer in general.

He explained: “Specialist one-off beers have always attracted premium prices and the occasional headline, the price of regular beer is however worrying and something governments have failed to investigate despite clear evidence the consumer is being short-changed.

Beer prices are on the rise
Beer prices are on the rise

“The last wholesale market review was way back in 1989, you have to wonder just how bad it has to get before the Business Minister calls up the Competition and Markets Agency head and get the long overdue inquiry underway. The playing field for beer and pubs is far from level and has been dysfunctional for far too long.”

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