Brits ‘love’ utilizing scorching water bottles in June regardless of summer season being one week away

Despite the beginning of summer being just days away, some Brits have resorted to using their hot water bottles due to one of the coldest Junes on record.

This time last year, the country was experiencing a heatwave with temperatures soaring as high as 28C. However, 2024 has been a stark contrast, with recent weeks seeing temperatures around half that figure.

The chilly weather has led many people to express their frustrations on Reddit. One user confessed she’s still trying to keep warm just a week before the summer solstice. “Love using my hot water bottles in June,” she wrote sarcastically, sharing a picture of her bottle on the r/CasualUK subreddit. “Anyone else?”

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Many other users admitted they were facing the same situation, as one person cursed: “The car seat heater is back in full use and my heated blanket is still on the bed. Tease me all you want with your lukewarm sunshine, but I will not be fooled.”

“It’s 4am here in Durham and my plastic roof is FROZEN,” complained another user. A third chimed in: “It’s cold enough that I have had the heated blanket on whilst working today and had the fire on last night. Yes it’s not winter cold, but in the winter I had the heating on all day and night. I’m getting closer to turning the heating back on as my hands and nose are getting ridiculously cold during the day. To me, it’s starting to feel like mid January.”

A shivering fourth hit out: “Typing this from underneath my heated blanket, about to put on my ski jacket to go to work.” While a fifth Redditor shared: “Yep, I broke out my long bottle for 2 nights this week… Granted I’ve been a bit run down but still. Might need to consider digging out my second quilt.”

But not everyone’s feeling the chill it appears, as another Redditor added: “I will take needing a hot water bottle that this time of year over 35C+ and >80% relative humidity all year every year for the rest of my life please.”

A second said: “16C is very normal. That’s maybe a jumper inside, but not cold enough for a hot water bottle or the heating. I don’t get you guys, it’s 15C outside mine and it’s perfectly pleasant inside and out. Probably won’t be opening the window but the amount of complaining is ridiculous.”

And another commenter had no patience for the grumblers, ranting: “Honestly the UK subs are wild. Whether it’s someone asking how to use a shop or how to empty the bin or pretending it’s the Arctic all the time, it’s just nuts. I’m totally aware it’s colder than other summers but it’s COLDER not COLD. It isn’t cold in general just colder than usual. People are carrying on like it’s the middle of January or something.”

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