Benidorm Facebook group confused by AI picture of D-Day landings ‘sand sculpture’

Facebook users in a Benidorm group thought a tacky AI-generated image of a sandsculpture depicting the D-Day landings was real.

The image of soldiers lined up in a boat was shared by a middle-aged bloke from Northern Ireland, who wrote: “Sand sculpture of dday landing.”

And instead of people questioning its authenticity, it received over 4.3k likes and hundreds of comments praising the ‘sand sculptor’s’ work.

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It was posted in the ‘Benidorm Seriously’ group, where Brits often talk about the popular seaside resort and attempt to make friends with other expats and tourists.

Giant sand sculptures had been a feature on Benidorm’s Levante beach for years until a 2016 ban

“Wow! and “Fab!” made up the bulk of the reactions, while one woman described the image as “very moving”. Ann Stewart doffed her cap to the sculptors, stating they are ‘very talented’.

“Beautiful. What a tribute to the veterans,” one bloke wrote. However, Peter Tomlinson and a few others were at pains to point out the image is computer-generated.

“It’s an AI generated image guys, it’s not a photograph,” he wrote. “We know it’s fake but the sentiment is there,” one woman snapped back.

A sand sculpture of soldiers landing on a beach, May 2004, in Vierville-sur-mer, France

“I thought it was real as I have seen lots of them when I have been to Benidorm,” one Brit wrote after it was pointed out that the image wasn’t a photograph.

“Not in detail like that though,” the page admin responded.

Giant sand sculptures had been a feature on Benidorm’s Levante beach for years. But in 2016, Benidorm’s Town Hall voted to ban sand structures on Levante beach.

It was part of a crackdown on unruly British tourists which included daytime beachgoers being banned from playing ball games and urinating in the sea, Birmingham Live reported.

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