Donald Trump shares his ideas on whether or not aliens exist

Donald Trump shared his thoughts on whether aliens exist and revealed that he ordered a top level probe into UFOs while president in a new clip.   

The former president revealed his top level discussions about UFO‘s during an interview with YouTube sensation-turned WWE wrestler Logan Paul and his co-host, Mike Majlak,for their latest ‘Impulsive’ podcast episode.

Although former US president Trump said in the podcast, which aired Thursday, that he doesn’t believe in UFO’s, he acknowledged the growing number of people who believe in the existence of aliens

Trump appeared on the latest episode of Logan Paul's 'Impulsive' podcast on Thursday

Trump appeared on the latest episode of Logan Paul’s ‘Impulsive’ podcast on Thursday

Trump referenced Roswell, a city in New Mexico which is the subject of a conspiracy narrative regarding a collection of events and myths surrounding the discovery of a flying disc in 1947.

He noted that ‘its the number one tourist attraction in the United States’. However, according to World Atlas, Times Square in New York is the most visited destination in America, as well as the world, with 41.9 million visitors a year. 

Trump also told Paul he is regularly asked about UFO’s. 

When the interviewer asked if Trump has access to information regarding the topic, he said: ‘I speak to people about it, I’ve had actually meetings on it. And they will tell you there’s something going on, when they say things, things are going four times faster than my beautiful top of the line aeroplane’.     

In the clip, Trump also called actor Tom Cruise ‘beautiful.’

Describing his meetings with military pilots ‘like beautiful Tom Cruise, but taller’, who had strange encounters with unidentified phenomena, the 77-year-old recalled being told: ‘Sir, there was something there that was round in form and going like four times faster than my super jet fighter plane.’

‘And I looked at these guys and they really mean it’, the former president added. 

Paul left his fans divided after announcing the former president as a podcast guest

Paul left his fans divided after announcing the former president as a podcast guest

‘Am I a believer? No,’ Trump continued. ‘Probably I can’t say I am. But I have met with people that are serious people that say there’s some really strange things that they see flying around out there.’ 

The highly-publicized podcast episode comes as the podcast host, and his brother Jake Paul, have endorsed the former president. 

Just yesterday, Jake spoke to Fox News to discuss why he thinks the Biden administration has failed Americans.