England followers urged to get ‘Harry Kaned’ as an alternative of downing pints by German cops

England supporters should ditch the pints and get “Harry Kaned” instead while watching the Euros, German Police have said.

Three Lions fans have been hit with a strong beer ban and now authorities have told them that they should smoke weed instead of downing pints. England’s clash against Serbia has been striking up some anxiety ahead of time, with fears over the potential for violent clashes between Three Lions supporters and Serbian ultras.

As a response to this, stadium bosses were told to only serve weak beers or shandies in a bid to cut down on the risk of booze-fuelled punch-ups between the rival fans.

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Meanwhile, cannabis, which comes with a mellow reputation, was legalised in Germany on April 1. This led to a Gelsenkirchen Police spokesman telling The Sun that fans who want to “Harry Kaned” will be left well alone by cops for doing so.

England fans have been warned about getting on the booze (file)
England fans have been warned about getting on the booze (file)

Stephan Knipp said: “It’s no problem for fans to smoke cannabis on the street. If we see a group of people drinking alcohol and looking a bit aggressive, and another group smoking cannabis, of course we’ll look at the group drinking alcohol.”

Highlighting the difference between the two vices, he added: “Drinking alcohol can make someone more aggressive, and smoking cannabis puts people in a chill mood.”

He said their focus was ensuring that people stayed safe during the tournament and a part of this was preventing any potential violence between fans.

Cannabis was legalised in Germany in April (stock)
Cannabis was legalised in Germany in April (stock)

“Our focus will be on fans who are drinking and potentially getting violent that’s why we in place safety precautions on alcohol.”

Fans will not be allowed to smoke weed in the 62,000-seat Veltins Arena, fan zones or city squares. Meanwhile, bars in “sensitive areas” of the city will stop serving booze immediately before the game.

Fears of violence peaked following intelligence reports suggesting 500 Putin-supporting Serbian ultras were planning on going down to the game.

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