‘I discovered a hidden room in my home after 20 years – and it is crammed with secret gadgets’

A homeowner was left utterly astounded after unearthing a secret closet in their home two decades after moving in. Baffled by the unexpected revelation, they pondered over why they hadn’t found it before and quickly delved into examining the room.

Posting on Reddit, they said: “[I found a] hidden closet in the basement wall after 20 years of living in the house. We found some personal documents, a newspaper from the day after Pearl Harbor, and a hand-drawn cartoon of a pregnant Lucy yelling ‘Goddammit Charlie Brown! ‘.”

Upon further inspection, they stumbled upon a neglected photo album – and vowed to hunt down the previous owners to return the treasured relic. She went on saying: “The newspaper turned out to be a reprint so not valuable but still fun to look through. I had completely forgotten about the photo album! I’m going to try and track these people down and return their memories.”

Reacting to this peculiar find, one user said: “Frame the cartoon, interesting conversation piece at the very least.” While another chimed in: “If you Google “Charlie Brown pregnant” a bunch of similar images come up. Seems to be a thing in the 1960s.” However, she isn’t alone in coming across unusual findings within their property, as another Reddit user detailed discovering a hidden chamber while having a jolly lure at their grandparents’ domicile.

They revealed: “I went to visit my Grandparents a few months after they had moved into a new house out in the country. I got into a bit of horseplay with a cousin and got shoved into a wall. It broke a big hole and we realised there was a large empty space back there.”

“With grandpa’s help, we tore the wall down and found a little room full of planting trays and grow lamps. There were a number of books about horticulture and one specifically about growing marijuana. There was no secret way in as far as we could tell. Someone had just walled the entire room off for some reason.”