Protestors in underwear and balaclavas trigger riot exterior Parliament

A group of protesters donning bras and neon balaclavas assembled outside Parliament today in a bid to inspire six million undecided female voters to have their say in the nation’s future.

Even a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst, the late leader of the women’s suffrage movement, was spotted sporting a bra. The feminist icon played a pivotal role in securing equal voting rights for women 96 years ago.

And, with the General Election looming, fresh research indicates that 20% of women are unsure who to vote for, compared to just 11% of men.

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This suggests that female voters could significantly influence the outcome on 4 July. The research, carried out by Lemonade Dolls, forms part of the underwear brand’s new campaign, ‘Swing it, girls’.

A group of protesters in bras and neon balaclavas gathered outside Parliament to inspire undecided women to vote

With only four days remaining for the public to register to vote before the deadline on 18 June, this election is particularly significant due to pressing issues such as the cost of living crisis, the future of the NHS, and the protection of rights for women and the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Voting is always a critical aspect of any election,” stated Lemon Fuller, the CEO of the underwear brand.

“Many fierce and courageous women have fought tirelessly to secure our right to vote, laying the foundation for a more inclusive society.”

The Millicent Garrett Fawcett statue dressed in a bra
The Millicent Garrett Fawcett statue dressed in a bra

“That’s why we are here causing a riot to ensure women get down to their local polling station on the 4 July.”

Th CEO added that sole objective is to encourage women to participate in the voting process and help shape the future of our country, “in a time when so many women are undecided or do not vote at all.”

Jayde Adams said: “I’ve never told anyone what to think or who to vote for, and I usually keep my stand-up neutral.

“But when it comes to empowering women, I’m all in.

“In my specials, I’ve always encouraged women to consider the world around them with humour.”

With the General Election on the horizon, new research reveals that 20% of women ‘don’t know who to vote for’
With the General Election on the horizon, new research reveals that 20% of women ‘don’t know who to vote for’

Five percent of the profits made by Lemonade Dolls on its website from 14 June until 4 July will be donated to the Young Women’s Trust.

The organisation is committed to achieving economic justice for young women by addressing major issues such as misogyny and sexism.

In addition to advocating for women to use their vote to influence the future, Lemonade Dolls will also be marketing an exclusive VOTE collection of its limited-edition bras.

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