UK property overrun by crime and bare intercourse staff leaving locals terrified

A London estate has become so riddled with crime, drugs and sex workers, locals claim they are living in a “horror show”.

Residents of Townley Court in Stratford, east London have spoken out about their miserable day to day life, where children have witnessed sex acts while on their way to school, and adults claim to have been mugged multiple times.

One resident, who is disabled, said he had a gun pulled on him and confronted a group inside his building.

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Others say the police have “given up” on protecting them and are now losing faith they will even turn up at all when situation arises. They fear someone must die for action to take place.

Townley Court, east London
The grim Townley Court in Stratford, east London

They claim naked sex workers walk around in full view, near where children play.

One angry mum showed doorbell camera footage of her nine-year-old son leaving home while a prostitute had sex with a client in the stairwell. Another local saw a prostitute engage in a sex act in full view of playing children in broad daylight.

One resident said: “We’re under siege. It’s like a horror show.”

Townley Court, east London
Drug use is rife in the estate

Another said: “It’s so dangerous around here.

“At night, I’m scared coming home. As soon as it gets dark, I’m panicking.”

An elderly resident who said he was mugged twice said the police never turned up following the second assault, The Sun reports.

Townley Court, east London
So is prostitution which can take place in broad daylight, with clothes discarded about the estate

He said one of his attackers smirked at him, bragging: “You can’t do nothing.”

Many residents are to terrified to leave their homes. A mother admitted she was sometimes too scared to even look outside her home “in case they see me”.

She added: “They’re very hostile. They don’t care. They do it out in the open because they know nothing’s going to happen.

Townley Court, east London
Here’s a spent condom found lying about the grotty estate

“If you call the police, they turn up hours later or just send them on their way. They just come back ten, 15 minutes later.”

She added that at times police drive past people doing drugs without doing anything.

Many residents claim they have given up calling the police at all because of their lack of action.

A spokesman for Newham Council said: “We have been working together with the police to deter the antisocial behaviour issues through joint operations, which has resulted in arrests and community protection orders issued in March 2024.”

The Met Police “We are working hard to tackle the issue in order to make residents feel safer.

“As part of this work, we have a Design Out Crime officer visiting the area. They will make recommendations on what needs to change.”

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