‘We stayed at Blackpool’s worst lodge that appears like a jail and smells of poo’

A couple who stayed at Blackpool’s “worst” hotel that “looks like a prison” have shared their experience on social media.

Influencer, Zac Jones pointed out that the Norbreck Castle Hotel has more than 4,000 “terrible” reviews on Tripadvisor with guests complaining about “bloodstains, hair in the bathroom and brown stains in the carpet.”

In a video shared with his 65,000 followers TikTok followers, he says: “There’s been a lot of talk about this place – another Britannia-run hotel…looks a bit like a prison.

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“Tonight we’re staying here and we’re going to see if the reviews quite represent the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool.”

Zac gave fans a tour of his digs
Zac gave fans a tour of his digs

Upon entering the dated venue Zac adds: “Well I’ve got to say it sure does look like a Britannia. The lady at check-in was very friendly.”

The camera cuts to a large function room with bright red patterned carpet and rows of chairs and a during a walk along the long corridors, Zac says “the flooring’s a bit wonky you know.”

As they arrive at their room, Zac’s partner, Kseniya pinches her nose with a look of surprise. “It gets worse and worse,” she says as Zac tells viewers: “There is a strong smell, I can’t lie, of you know what.”

The elements inside the kettle had seen better days
The elements inside the kettle had seen better days

As the couple enter their room, Zac admits “it’s not as bad as some of the reviews,” adding: “first impressions, this place looks clean enough.”

But he points to some dust and chipped paint on the skirting board stating: “you would think the cleaners would go around here.”

He shows inside the kettle where the elements appear rusty and discoloured and a teaspoon is unclean. Zac’s partner admits: “To be honest, I expected it to be worse.”

Zac said the hotel was 'scruffy'
Zac said the hotel was ‘scruffy’

Zac agrees but adds: “I mean, when you pay attention to detail, it’s a bit scabby. I dunno what a piece of Blu Tak’s doing just chilling in the rooms as well.

“Some of the paint’s coming off the wall,” he says as he flakes some away with his finger before pointing to what appears to be a dead bug declaring: “what the f**k is that?”

The camera then cuts to the black window frames as Zac adds: “That’s quite dirty yeah.”

Some say it looks 'like a prison'
Some say it looks ‘like a prison’

Onto the bathroom and the pair find hairs in a stained sink but the toilet is clean and Zac states: “That’ll do.”

“Bit scruffy but ok. £35 a night this is.”

They then go on to inspect their bed with a UV light and find a few hairs and stains. “I still don’t want to get into the bed,” Kseniya states.

The run down site has over 4,000 'terrible' reviews on Tripadvisor
The run down site has over 4,000 ‘terrible’ reviews on Tripadvisor

Zac adds: “The bedsheet itself doesn’t look that troubling.”

After not finding much to complain about for £35 a night, he adds: “I’ve got to give props where props are due.”

The video which was viewed more than 3 million times attracted hundreds of comments.

One said: “Reminds me of the hotel from The Witches (1990s film) especially with the meeting room.”

Another wrote: “The trauma we sustained from this building.”

While one added: “Stayed there not by choice and it was the worst idea ever.”

And one joked: “We stayed there a few years ago and our room was about three miles and 700 corridors and fire doors from the lobby.”

There was a bad whiff wafting down the halls
There was a bad whiff wafting down the halls

Another person added: “No way that’s a hotel, looks like HMP Barlinnie.”

But some shared fond memories with one person commenting: “I love this hotel. Go here everytime, such a laugh.”

One agreed adding: “It’s cheap and full of characters. I love it, always have a good time here.”

Another wrote: “I’ve stayed here, I didn’t think it was that bad for what we paid for.”

Britannia Hotels have been asked to comment.

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