Russian psychic claims ‘finale is across the corner- Russia can’t be damaged’

A Russian psychic has predicted “a great disaster is coming” and says Russia “can’t be broken”.

Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova, who has predicted a series of tsunamis in the past, says the world will soon be surprised.

The star of Battle of Psychics, a Russian TV show, predicts that soon many Europeans will move closer to Odesa, the region said to be decisive for the fate of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, due to natural disaster. She believes Europeans will have no choice but to look for salvation in the area in the coming years due to flooding.

Kazhetta said the North Military District will force the whole world to respect Russia and its “power will only increase”.

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Ukrainian servicemen of the Skala battalion perform a medical evacuation d
Europeans will apparently have no choice but to move to Odessa

“Everyone understands that it is better not to anger Russia,” she said.

“The SVO will continue for now, although the finale is just around the corner,” the psychic remarked., according to Moskovskij Komsomolets, a Moscow-based newspaper.

“Everyone understands this: both in Russia and in the West. Our country cannot be broken.

“Look at history: no one has managed to do this before, and no one will succeed in the future. Although Western politicians will continue to pump Ukraine with weapons for some time, everything will still end in peace negotiations.

Russian servicemen patrol
The finale for the war is ‘right around the corner’ according to the mystic

“It is thanks to the negotiation process that a new global security architecture will emerge that will suit all parties.”

Of natural disaster, she said: “Natural disasters that will begin to occur in the next three to four years in Europe will leave no other choice. A great disaster is coming—a very terrible drought. It will be in many European countries.

“And people, in order to save themselves, will begin to look for new places to live. I see that many Europeans will move to Odessa. This city will continue to be a pearl by the sea, where many immigrants from Europe will live. And they will be very comfortable there.”

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