Barton’s sorry to star as he says ‘I don’t consider he has an curiosity in youngsters’

Joey Barton has apologised to Jeremy Vine on social media following comments he made on X.

Barton, 41, had labelled Vine, 57, a “bike nonce” and “pedo defender”. A high court judge ruled Barton’s comments as defamatory after the former footballer was sued by the radio and TV presenter for libel and harassment.

Barton posted: “Between  8  and  12  January  2024  I  published  11  posts  which  accused  Jeremy  Vine  of  having  a sexual  interest  in  children,  and  created  a  hashtag  which  made  the  same  allegations,  which  were viewed  millions  of  times.  

“I  recognise  that  this  is  a  very  serious  allegation.  It  is  untrue.  I  do  not believe that Mr Vine has a sexual interest in children, and I wish to set the record straight. 

“I also published posts during the same period in which I referred to Mr Vine having advocated forced vaccination during the Covid 19 pandemic, based upon a video clip of his TV programme. 

Jeremy Vine
Jeremy Vine sued Barton for libel and harassment

“I accept that he did not advocate this policy and that the video clip has been edited to give a misleading impression of what he was in fact saying. I then taunted and abused Mr Vine for bringing a legal complaint against me. 

“I have agreed not to make the same allegations again about Mr Vine and I apologise to him for the distress he has suffered. 

“To resolve his claims against me in defamation and harassment, I have agreed to pay Mr Vine £75,000 in damages and his legal costs.”

Jeremy Vine
Jeremy Vine was branded a “bike n***e” by the former England midfielder

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