What do you consider Reform UK’s coverage to ‘take away advantages’ – have your say

Jobseekers could see their benefits slashed if they do not find employment within four months or if they reject two job offers under Reform UK’s controversial policy – and we want to know what YOU think.

Deputy leader of the party Dr David Bull claimed the plans strive to “make work attractive”, during a heated exchange with Sky News presenter Kay Burley. Confronting the politician on the strategy, she quizzed: “Jobseekers’ benefit withdrawn if they turn down two job offers, so how will people survive? What will they live on?”

Responding, Dr Bull said: “The point is we need to make work attractive.” To which Ms Burley replied: “What will they live on?” He said: “I think you’re seeing this from a very negative point of view.”

The presenter didn’t hold back, as she stated: “This is what it says in your manifesto. I’m asking you to explain if you’re going to withdraw people’s benefits, what do you expect them to live on?” The deputy leader fired back that people are expected to take “jobs that are appropriate”, to which Ms Burley retorted: “And what if they don’t… they can’t eat grass can they?”

When asked whether people were going to be left to “starve themselves to death”, Dr Bull said: “Of course they won’t starve themselves to death. There are plenty of jobs in this country. We know, as I said, nine million people who are economically inactive. We have to actually get to the root cause because the problem is if we allow people just to sit at home and give them benefits then actually it does nothing for self-worth, does it?”

He added: “We’ll make sure there’s a very clear system to help people into work and that has not been happening at the moment – and the tax breaks that people will be given are a huge part of that.”

In response to the Mirror article published yesterday, readers were divided on the plans, as one person defended the move in the comments section: “They are just saying that if you turn down two job offers you get your unemployment benefits taken away. What is wrong with that? Seems entirely reasonable and fair.”

While others slammed the proposal, as another voiced: “What if someone doesn’t get a job offer within the four month time period? Then they starve to death? The whole policy seems to revolve around the unproven claim that there are plenty of jobs for everyone.”

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