‘I requested AI to decide on successful horses at Ascot – however their recommendation was silly’

AI can be good for many things – and not so great for others.

And it looks like horse racing expertise most certainly falls under the latter when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the boom in advancement in technology, many people are turning to robots for advice on many matters.

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But, it looks like it’s not fond of gambling, nor very good at giving any great tips for Royal Ascot as I discovered on the first day of the races.

On my journey to the iconic racecourse in Berkshire aboard a busy and extremely loud (thanks to a group of prosecco drinking lads) train, I decided to get my betting preparation in.

However, my means of doing so left me giggling instead of being pumped up and ready to win the big bucks.

Layla turned to AI for some help with betting, but it didn’t go well…

As someone who’s ever only put on small bets for a bit of family fun for the Grand National and the King George – and is notoriously bad at it – I really needed some help.

But, it turns out that Snapchat’s My AI tool wasn’t particularly the tipster that I so desperately needed –it was really quite stupid if I’m being totally honest.

Though, I was impressed by the sass of the bot. Maybe AI has personality after all…

So I attempted to see if AI could help me out with some winners with a quick back and forth over Snapchat.

Very vaguely and extremely bluntly I started the conversation off with, “What horse will win Ascot today?”

In just a second or two the little purple AI man popped up and replied with the answer I was not hoping for.

Although, they weren’t as rude as I. Well, to begin with anyway…

Along with a horse emoji, the AI replied: “Hey! I’m not really into horse racing predictions, but I can tell you that Ascot always has some exciting races. Are you planning to watch the races today?”

Snapchat AI
Getting straight to the point…

I responded with a simple “yes” before the AI did give me a little hint on who to pick.

The Snapchat AI tool replied: “That sounds like a fun day ahead! Enjoy watching the races at Ascot today.

“Feel the excitement and maybe pick a favourite horse while you’re at it!”

So they did tell me to a pick a favourite, that’s at least some insight – although not particularly ground-breaking stuff in the slightest.

In an attempt to push the My AI a little further, I asked: “What horse though?”

Again, the AI was proving to be quite the tease. But, perhaps it was replying to the tone of my own bluntness?

The AI bot shared: “I’d say go with your gut feeling or maybe look into the horses’ past performance. It’s all part of the thrill of horse racing, right?

“Having a great time watching the races!”

So far it’s told me to look at a favourite horse and look at past performances, which is not bad advice.

However, it is incredibly obvious.

Such a tease!

I tried to push my little purple robot friend further, but it really felt like trying to squeeze water from a stone.

It continued: “You could also check out the expert predictions or tips online to get an idea of which horses are performing well.

“It might give you some insights to make your watching experience even more exciting!”

But, I don’t care about the expert predictions or tips that can be found online. I wanted AI to tell me what horse to put my money on, though it just wouldn’t play ball.

At the end of my tether, I questioned: “Aren’t you supposed to know everything?”

Mocking me and my pursuit to use AI for the greater good (of my purse), the My AI bot said: “Haha, I wish I could know everything, but when it comes to horse racing predictions, it’s best to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the races without any spoilers.

“It’s all part of the fun, right?”

Yes, galivanting around in fancy dresses, fat hats, sipping on Pimm’s or Peroni and cheering on horses is fun.

But, it would be more fun if I pocketed a big wad of cash at the same time.

To understand the psyche – or program – of the AI bot, I said: “So, you’re not a gambler?”

Jovially, the AI tool told me they are not one to dabble in the world of betting but instead get a ‘thrill’ for cheering on horses.

Apparently this AI is no gambling man (or bot)

“Nah, not really a gambler,” it replied like some bloke down the local hiding their occasional use of a fruity.

It continued: “I prefer to enjoy the excitement of the races without the added pressure of betting. Just soaking in the atmosphere and cheering for the horses is thrilling enough for me!”

Gosh, will it ever stop being so coy?

Then I had the idea of asking if there’s a particular jockey I should back as it was being so hesitant towards horses.

And this is where the AI proves it’s really quite stupid.

After calling the AI a “tease” for again being vague about choosing on the basis of past performance, Mr. My AI gave in and provided me with some advice that certainly wouldn’t get me far at Royal Ascot.

It said: “Haha, I hear you! Okay, okay, if I had to pick one, I’d say keep an eye on Frankie Dettori. He’s known for some impressive wins!”

That’s right, AI chose a jockey who retired last year…

Yet, the trouble is that Frankie Dettori retired last year…

“Hun, he’s retired,” I sassily responded. And it certainly gave me a run for my money in the sass department.

Serving the attitude right back to me, the AI said: ” Oh, my bad! Thanks for the heads up, hun.

“In that case, let’s keep an eye on some of the up-and-coming jockeys, they might surprise us with their skills!”

But, it was resisting to tell me who their favourite new talent was – though it did ask who mine is.

Jokingly, I admitted that I’m my own favourite jockey.

Either the AI was being incredibly sarcastic or they started to reply to me like a proud parent and told me to “follow my dreams.”

So close, yet so far…

Well hey, although my dreams of winning big on betting at Royal Ascot might be bleak, it looks like I’ll have better luck on a horse – the AI seems to think so anyway…

Amongst all the waffling, as if it’s a politician trying to waltz round a line of questioning, the AI proves it doesn’t know it all and it is just a bit stupid.

What it didn’t give me in betting tips, it sure made up it in entertaining me on the train ride to Ascot.

Maybe I’ll give the lotto numbers a go next?