Just Stop Oil spray paint on Stonehenge as X customers say pagans will ‘curse’ them

Just Stop Oil protesters have attracted the ire of pagans and are in danger of being ‘hexed left right and centre’ after spraying Stonehenge with orange paint.

The controversial environmentalist group want, perhaps expectedly, the British government to commit to ending new fossil fuel licensing and production – and go about achieving their aims in headline-grabbing ways.

They had a young chap fix himself to the goalposts of Goodison Park during a Premier League match, stopped traffic more than once and have now targeted the ancient pilgrimage site. Wiltshire Police said two people have been arrested.

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Stonehenge is due to welcome pagans from all over the UK ahead of Summer Solstice on the evening of Thursday 20th June. The actions of the group means there is now a race against the clock to get the ancient stones cleaned up before then.

X users thought it ‘bizarre’ that the group would target a pagan site

One X user called the decision ‘mental’, considering that it is thought that the group would generally have support from pagans.

Ryan Hamer wrote: “I dont really have an issue to Just Stop Oil in the main… but that is absolutely bizarre.

“Vandalising Stonehenge, a monument from a ‘pre fossil fuel’ age, that a bunch of hippies & pagans who are generally on their side will visit tomorrow. Absolutely mental.”

Matthew Fellows added in a more jokey tone: “Just Stop Oil have angered the pagans now. They’ll be getting hexed left right and centre.”

One agnry pagan wrote underneath Just Stop Oil’s X message celebrating its actions, writing: “WE LITERALLY WORSHIP NATURE.”


Just Stop Oil had said in their X post: “Just Stop Oil Spray Stonehenge Orange.

“2 people took action the day before Summer Solstice, demanding the incoming government sign up to a legally binding treaty to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.

“Help us take megalithic action.”

Stonehenge said the site remains open. A message from a spokesperson on X said: “Orange powdered paint has been thrown at a number of the stones at Stonehenge.

“Obviously, this is extremely upsetting and our curators are investigating the extent of the damage. More updates to follow but the site remains open..”

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