Adult star shares ‘good’ penis dimension as she ‘prefers to stroll’ after session

A top earning adult star revealed what her ‘perfect’ penis size is – and most blokes can breathe a sigh of relief.

Belle Olivia, 21, is one of the world’s wealthiest in her field and now she’s spilled the beans on what she and her colleagues prefer when it comes to girth and length.

The beauty, who is said to have made millions charging subscribers for raunchy content, admitted that contrary to popular belief, X-rated actresses don’t desire a massive member.

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In fact, Belle and her fellow X-rated creators detest huge adult star-style privates, preferring a man who measures just above average.

Belle Olivia shared what she thinks is the ‘perfect’ penis size

Belle explained: “There’s no way big is always better and because me and a lot of other girls in the industry are so short and petite, that can be a real disadvantage as it gets sore for us when we’re making our content.

“My ideal length and loads of other girls I’ve spoken to about this is 6.5inches in length. We also don’t want them too girthy. It doesn’t hurt and it is seems to be the perfect fit. That’s also what we want from our boyfriends, by the way.”

The Manchester-based adult star, who bought her city penthouse with her substantial earnings, added: “Men can forget what they see in porn that is exceptional, and we have a saying that a ‘boyfriend penis’ is what we would far rather prefer.

“No girl wants to end up not being to walk every day just because they’ve had sex!”

Belle hit global headlines last year after it was revealed she could pay off her rent on her newly purchased penthouse by creating just 10 minutes’ worth of content.

Influencer management heavyweight, the Rebel Agency, has helped Belle amass her fortune.

Belle Olivia
The adult star says she would prefer to walk after a session

The company recently launched its sister firm Accounting4Creators, which exists to assist content creators’ whose bank accounts were shut down merely due to their profession.

Belle endorsed both firms, and said: “Rebel and Accounting4Creators have been brilliant for me and anyone thinking of getting into this game needs to sign with them.

“Rebel have guided me on how to maximise my content, while their joint accounting business has guided me through everything from tax rules to making investments in property and even setting up a pension.”

“This is a career for me and millions of other girls, and they treat it that way.”

Meanwhile, adult film stars admit pumping themselves full of “penis injections”, Viagra, and supplements to achieve maximum visual impact during filmed scenes.

Health professionals, however, warn that such practice inflates the expectations of both male and female viewers, causing an influx of inquiries about penis enlargement surgery worldwide.

A deep dive into global data revealed the regular flaccid penis measures between three and four inches, and five to six inches erect.

The study, published in the urology journal BJU International in 2023, measured the manhood of 15,521 men worldwide and revealed some interesting findings.

British lads are on the up – we wonder what she thinks of that!

Another review that included data from 16 countries one of which dated back to 1899 showed similar measurements of flaccid average lengths ranging from 2.8 to 3.9 inches, while erect lengths ranged from 4.7 to 6.3 inches.

The average todger size in the UK is 5.17 inches.

While not as well-endowed as the chart-topping lads from Ecuador or Cameroon, Brits did outdo men in Southeast Asia for average penis length.

There was more good news for UK blokes last week when it emerged the average penis size across the nation has grown by almost 10% in the last two years.

Research indicated that British men’s penises have increased by 0.46 inches making the new average 5.63 inches when at full mast.

These new figures put the UK in eighth place in global rankings for growth.

However, our lads were surpassed by the Sudanese whose average length at full mast is more than seven inches.

On the other end of the scale, Italian men have seen their manhood shrink by a fifth, making them just under five inches on average.

Now patient experts reviewed data by World Population Review on the average penis size by country for 2024 to come up with these figures.

Some experts reckon the UK growth spurt in male members could be down to the trend of taking diabetes drug Ozempic for weight loss.

Dr Richard Viney, a urological surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, revealed: “Men’s penises shorten as they get older due to increasing body fat and increasing prostate size drawing the penis back into the body.”

“It’s possible there may be an Ozempic effect. As men lose weight, their penises appear larger.”

The NHS has recently shared some easy and painless tips for men looking to add the illusion of extra inches to their manhood.

These include trimming pubic hair and getting fitter, as less hair and a flatter stomach can make the penis seem larger.