‘I get bare in entrance of my husband’s buddies – it actually turns us on’

A woman found an unusual way to boost her sex life – by stripping off in front of her husband’s friends.

The anonymous woman opened up about the experience on Reddit where she told people it was her husband who suggested they tried it out – and she ended up loving it.

Now she’s wondering what lies next for them as a couple, as the experience really turned them on. She’s keen to whip her kit off a lot more in the future to boost their time between the sheets.

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In a really honest post, the woman wrote: “I’m an average married woman who recently found out, I enjoy exhibitionism. My husband’s loves this as well – it was his idea in the first place where he got me naked Infront of his friends (it was his big kink).

“I went along and enjoyed the whole experience. We did it multiple times. Ever since I’ve been exploring certain scenarios to explore our kink. But I also want to be respectful of consent etc. What safe options are out there for a woman in her 30s?”

Couple in bed
The couple really enjoy being naked in front of others

Since she reached out for advice, hundreds of people responded to offer their thoughts. Some suggested they may want to try swingers clubs, while others said it may be wise for them to hit up a nudist beach.

Many also said trying out a sex club would be a good way to explore new things. There were all sorts of saucy ideas from people in the Reddit community.

One person replied, saying: “Welcome fellow exhibitionist! Lol. So other things to try is def doing a webcam show. It’s safe and you can wear a masquerade mask if you are worried about people finding out about you.

“A partner of mine and I did it for a while, and it was amazing. We loved the interactions with the chat and just putting on a show.

“Definitely look into nudist resorts – it’s a great way to be free and watch others at the same time. If you are feeling more brave you can research local swingers clubs where you can walk around naked, and not have to participate in any action. Plus, it’s a great way to make some friends.”

Another said: “Swingers clubs. I say this because me and my GF have an exhibition kink, and that’s where we go to nude sunbathe, and have sex in front of others. We don’t actually swap with others.”

A third also wrote: “I’d say start slow with webcams and Reddit, but you’re already doing it in person.”

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