Six indicators you possibly can have a reincarnated ‘Crystal little one’

Have you ever felt that your child is special? That they seem far more sensitive, caring, perceptive and creative than their peers, more spiritually inclined? That they often know things that there is no logical explanation for them knowing?

If any of this is ringing a bell, then it may be that your son or daughter is what’s known as a ‘Crystal Child’.

The ‘Crystals’, born between the late 1990s to 2020, are believed to be evolved souls who have incarnated many times on this planet. They are the successors to what are known as the ‘Indigo Children’, born in the 1970s and 80s.

Their arrival was prophesied in Mayan times, now there are Crystals all over the world

Their arrival was prophesied in Mayan times, now there are Crystals all over the world

As an Indigo child myself, I know all too well what it is like to be born with different gifts — including the ability to see angels and astral project (where the soul can leave the body). I’ve made it my mission to use mine to help others connect with the spiritual. Having started on the path to becoming a holistic therapist in my 20s, I’ve studied everything from aromatherapy to reiki. It’s why I’ve become known as the ‘White Witch of Cheshire’.

While Indigo children arrived on Earth to challenge societal constructs — we’re often seen as ‘disruptors’, or the black sheep of the family forever asking ‘Why?’ — Crystal children aim to spread ancient wisdom.

In fact, their arrival was prophesied in Mayan times, and now the Crystals — like my own daughter Leah, 19 — have been born all over the world, here to ignite the next stage in human evolution. For we are at a turning point in our history, currently transitioning from the 2,000-year-long Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

While the Piscean period has been defined by a top-down approach to wealth, with the population being suppressed by the patriarchy, the Age of Aquarius is about working together as a community.

Crystal children are here to help support this new way of living, and as they continue to mature we’ll all feel the beneficial effects they have on the world. We can identify Crystal children by their aura, the personal energy field that surrounds each of us. Sensitives or psychics like myself can read or see this clear crystalline energy around such children. But even if you can’t, we can all sense their effects. Just as actual crystals amplify energy, Crystal children make everyone around them feel better.

Rather than being all about ‘me, me, me’, they think about how to uplift others, and foster a sense of community.

If you think you might have a Crystal child, here are six signs to look out for…


It’s been noted that the Crystals have ‘other worldly’ eyes. Their gaze can be penetrating — even a touch disconcerting at times. When you have their full attention, it is as though they are seeing into your soul.

Said to be the next stage in human evolution, it feels as though they can see into your soul

Said to be the next stage in human evolution, it feels as though they can see into your soul 

While this may sound scary, Crystal children are very relaxed beings and have a softness to them. It means that they are very easy to open to, and you may even find yourself asking for their advice.


Filled with love, understanding and wisdom, Crystals are this century’s hippies. Both sexes have a calm and feminine energy, and are tactile and very generous with their affection.

They’ll often tell you how much they miss you when you aren’t together. They are also very good judges of character.


BECAUSE they are reincarnated souls, from the moment they start talking Crystal children will touch on topics that should be outside of their frame of reference. For example ‘What colour is heaven, Mummy?’ or, as my Leah once asked as a toddler: ‘I want to go back to the house with the red door, Mummy.’

Was she talking about a past life? It’s my only conclusion, because we have never lived in a house with such a door.

And my daughter will know when an out-of-the-blue letter is arriving for her before it drops through the letterbox.


Born with the ability to feel everything around them, Crystals have a level of compassion beyond their years. This can have a negative side, as their heightened empathy means they are easily overwhelmed.

You will find Crystal children will avoid places with a tragic history, as they can sense the bad energies. They can also tell when somewhere is haunted.

Their sensitivity also means they can pick up on impending troubles — such as an illness in the family — while dreaming, which can mean they have trouble sleeping and can even suffer from bouts of insomnia.

Crystal children are this century¿s hippies and are very generous with their affection

Crystal children are this century’s hippies and are very generous with their affection

They can feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and as a parent it’s important to help them feel grounded. Being in water is soothing for a Crystal child, as it can remove any negative energy they have picked up.

Other practical ways to help include avoiding processed food and carrying protective dark crystals such as black tourmaline or obsidian.


You will notice Crystals are very crafty. They enjoy working with their hands and will happily cook from scratch. They enjoy expressing themselves through music and singing.


Crystal children are drawn to caring for humans, animals and our planet. Their talent is healing, and whatever profession they are drawn to, they will be caring for others less fortunate than them. They aren’t interested in career ‘goals’ or monetary success, and will only do what they feel passionate about and makes them feel fulfilled.

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  • As told to Samantha Brick