Streaker disguised as ‘drunken woman’ stripped at Ascot and even Queen received eyeful

Serial streaker Mark Roberts once bared all at Ascot – and even the Queen got an eyeful.

Roberts has stripped down at a litany of major sporting events, and in 2003 he turned his attention to the famous horse race. Appearing in a dress and a hat on Ladies Day, Roberts hid in a toilet until it was showtime – quite literally.

Speaking to Daily Star Sport, he recalled: “I looked so wrong. I had a bra on, a wig, full makeup. I’d shaved my arms up to my elbows and my legs up to my knees, full makeup, women’s jewellery, a nice hat. And I actually had to walk through London to get to the train to take me to Ascot.

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“My mates said, ‘No, you look great’. Obviously they were just taking the p***… And as I’m walking through London, I realised you could tell I was a man because when the wind blew against me, I wasn’t wearing any knickers. And it was obvious.”

Even after making his way through the capital, Roberts revealed just how paranoid he was. “Then when I got to security at Ascot, the look they gave me. And I’m still trying to carry off that I really am a woman.

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Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts had charged onto the racecourse

“I went straight to the bar and one of my friends was working there. I didn’t tell him I was coming. And when I got to the bar, he went ‘What the f*** are you doing, Mark?’

“I said, ‘Did you recognise me?’ He said, ‘Recognise you? You’re on top. Everyone’s staring at you’.”

Roberts said he tried to mix with the crowd, but started to feel “a bit paranoid”. He explained: “I thought I needed a wee. So what toilet do we use? Do you know what I mean?

“So I had to go to women’s and I was the tallest in the queues of the women’s by about at least a foot and just as a natural habit, when I went into the cubicle, I had a wee the normal male way, and you can hear them next door outside the cubicle going ‘listen to her’ because of the sound it was making. And that made me head go even worse.

Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts had hid in a toilet until it was showtime

“So I sat on the toilet and stayed there until it was time to go. I got a call from my friend, you know, just before the main race, they’re coming out for the parade.

“So that’s it. I just went, jumped straight on and pretended I was a drunken lady. When I ripped my clothes off, I had Lady Muck written across my chest. Yeah, it went down well. It was good!”

Roberts took to the course shortly before the Gold Cup run – and cantered down the track in front of Her Majesty with his crown jewels on parade.

The Scouser has also streaked at events such as the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.