‘Concerning trend’ of deaths in excessive warmth as professional says ‘use common sense’

The recent shocking spate of tourists being found dead or going missing in the extreme heat that has struck parts of Europe should act as a warning to others, an expert has said.

Greece has been particularly badly hit, with Michael Mosley the most high-profile recent case.

The body of the TV doctor was found just yards from safety after he apparently succumbed to the soaring temperatures on the Greek island of Symi.

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But Michael’s case isn’t the only recent tragedy, and Marina Novelli, who’s professor of marketing and tourism at Nottingham University Business School, told the Daily Star that people on holiday needed to think before taking exercise while temperatures are soaring.

Michael died during the Greek heatwave
Michael died during the Greek heatwave

“While I appreciate that this is a concerning trend, it is also a striking reality that people seem to think exercising in extreme weather is OK,” Marina said.

“Let’s use some common sense! In such temperatures, the only thing one should do it’s to sit in the shade and swim, drink loads of fluids, avoid alcohol and stay away from the heat at the peak hours of the day when the heat is very high.”

This Morning doctor Michael, 67, died earlier this month after he went for a walk on Symi in the 40C heat.

Greece has been hit by a deadly heatwave
Greece has been hit by a deadly heatwave

Police said he appeared to have died of exhaustion after sitting down and losing consciousness just yards away from a restaurant. It was also reported that footage from the restaurant appeared to show the popular TV expert walking in a confused state for a time before he collapsed.

Since then, Toby Sheets, 55, has been found dead on the tiny Greek island of Mathraki, which is west of Corfu. It’s thought he was swept out to sea before being washed back onto the beach.

Toby Sheets was recently found dead in Greece
Toby Sheets was recently found dead in Greece

Last weekend on Samos, a 74-year-old Dutch tourist was found face down in a ravine by the fire brigade, about 300 metres from where he’d last been seen struggling in the intense heat.

And two French women on holiday on Sikinos, another tiny island, also went missing during the heatwave. The pair – aged 64 and 73 – were staying at different hotels but rescuers believe they went hiking together.

The older woman is reported to have sent a distress message to her hotel in the early hours of Friday, June 14, prompting the search.

Agia Marina in Symi, where the body of Michael Mosley was found
Agia Marina in Symi, where the body of Michael Mosley was found

Before that, Greek officials began a desperate search for US tourist Albert Calibet, 59, after he disappeared during a solo hike on the island of Amorgos. Albert went missing just a day after Michael Mosley’s tragic disappearance.

It was just another example of why people going on Greek holidays should exercise caution.

Marina, who is also director of the Sustainable Travel and Tourism Advanced Research Centre, said: “The Greek authorities and holiday resorts may warn visitors, but ultimately it’s the individual responsibility and community sense that should prevail here.”

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