‘My mum-in-law booked room subsequent to bridal suite so she does not miss any enjoyable’

A bride-to-be has hit out at her intrusive mother-in-law for her strange antics leading up to the wedding day. The future bride revealed her partner’s mum had crossed several lines, including reserving the room next to their bridal suite on their wedding night because she wanted to be nearby and leaving an odd object in her son’s underwear drawer.

Venting her frustrations on Reddit, the woman shared: “My fiancé and I are getting married in three weeks and as of yesterday I have simply had it with my mother-in-law. I went to visit our wedding venue in March and had expressed my excitement to my mother-in-law about seeing the place and that the honeymoon suite was in a separate cottage with two bridal suites and that we would potentially book both to get ready in and have more privacy.”

“I was shocked when the venue coordinator told me she had booked the adjoining suite room, after speaking with her on the phone for 40 minutes clearly knowing what room it is.” The woman managed to change the room her mother-in-law was staying in, but the annoyance didn’t end there. “I should also mention that she kept asking us to invite more of her friends even though 43 of the 100 guests invited are her friends and family,” the woman added.

She also mentioned that her mother-in-law had caused problems at her bridal shower. Just hours before the celebration kicked off, her mother-in-law was reduced to tears because the bride-to-be had agreed to pick up her own mum from the airport. The woman was concerned this would cut into their bonding time.

“I was very nice, but again it was all of her friends and I knew less than half of the people there,” she explained. “My mother was flying up from South Carolina and it would be the last time I saw her until the wedding. My mom doesn’t travel solo often so I wanted to pick her up and drop her off at the airport to give her peace of mind and could spend some time together before the busy weekend.”

“Had I known the drama that would follow I would have never agreed to the shower at all. My mother-in-law called up my fiancé crying because I wanted to pick up my mother from the airport. I was speechless. I then agreed to only drop her off which sent her more into a spiral.”

However, nothing could have prepared her for what she discovered hidden in her room while unpacking her bags when her mother-in-law came to stay at the couple’s new flat for the weekend. She revealed: “I found a picture of my fiancé’s deceased grandparents very neatly placed in his underwear drawer! I was speechless. I sent a photo in a group chat to my mother-in-law and my fiancé and she confirmed that she had just put it there after it *fell out* from her purse.”

“Not only was this just a bizarre move, she had clearly gone through our personal belongings and violated our personal space.” While most people urged the woman to limit contact with her mother-in-law, others slammed her husband-to-be for not reigning in his mum. One user said: “This is not good. You are correct in setting boundaries but I believe your partner needs to have a serious conversation about her overstepping. What’s going to happen when you have kids and she wants to be the third parent? “.

Another said: “Oh dear god… this is a way bigger problem than you might realise. He will likely never change this behaviour. This will be your life… forever. You won’t have any boundaries. You will continue to be harassed and bullied.”